And it all begins with a stitch…

My mother started teaching me needle crafts when I was about 5 or 6. It was something that we could do together and something that would teach me concentration and patience. Anyone that stitches knows the amount of patience one must have in order to successfully complete any project.

The first needle craft that she taught me was crewel embroidery. That is one time intensive but beautiful craft. There are numerous stitches to learn and countless ways to put them together. One project was this group of little girls. It’s in the same mode as Monday’s child, Tuesday’s child, etc, except that these girls have other tasks – washing clothes, putting them up to dry, primping, praying, baking, churning butter, and talking on the phone.


The stitches were intricate for a 7 or 8 year old. But Mom was patient and taught me well. There is one that isn’t quite finished. It has spent over 30 years in the unfinished pile. Shall I attempt to finish it without a pattern? Or leave it as is since that seems to be the majority of it’s charm?

I’m contemplating how to incorporate these into a quilt or collage of some kind and just can’t determine which way I want to go with it. I’m thinking a wall quilt might be cute but then it wouldn’t get the love it desires. A lap quilt could just get all trashed and that may not be a way to go either. I’ll need to spend some more time figuring this out.

Hmm.. maybe I’ll ask Mom…


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