The beauty of the UFO

A few years ago my mother gave me an unfinished project, called Ruthie-Toothie, that she had started for me when I was a child. She passed it on to me in the hopes that I could, or would, finish it. She wasn’t sure she still had the directions or the pattern but we did have a photo to guide us. I have yet to do anything with it and it sits in my stack of UFO’s (unfinished objects), which I can’t get to right now.

In my previous post there is a picture of an unfinished project from about 30 years ago! This got me thinking about the myriad of unfinished projects in my stash.


I’ve got multiple Christmas projects that just didn’t get done, baby projects where that baby is now graduating High School, and just every day projects that weren’t turning out how I thought. There are Christmas gifts and ‘wouldn’t so-and-so just love this’ items.


I’ve got quilts desperately awaiting their batting and backing, once I decide what kind of backing I want to use. Plus two or three more quilt tops in progress right now.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. The thrill of completion is amazing and I have many, many completed projects in my past. But, there’s something about all those balls in the air that just keeps everything moving. I should probably work on one of my UFO’s or get Ruthie-Toothie put together but I think I’ll work on my procrastination problem tomorrow…


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