Cross-stitch interlude – Santa’s Sleigh

I have taken a little quilting hiatus and been working on one of my Work-in-Progress cross-stitch projects. The design is Santa’s Sleigh by Nora Corbett and I’m about 3/4 complete. The pattern is listed on the Wichelt website. And I found some when I did an Internet search using the pattern name.

I have a bit of beading to do on the front of the sleigh but it looks like I’m pretty close. Not close enough for this Christmas but definitely for next. I have a ton of quilting projects to complete this fall so I won’t have a ton of time for the stitching that I need to do as well.


The beading takes quite a bit of time as well and I have a bunch of beads to add to the holly on the edge of the seating area. But, I love how it looks and can’t wait to finish it and get it framed.


Now, I need to sneak in a little stitching time before I head back to my sewing machine……


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