Virtual Quilting Bee – reimagined

Today I finished the quilt top for the Virtual Quilting Bee by Amy Smart. I reimagined the final design layout because I didn’t want to go with sashed squares. Here is what I decided on after completing 15 of the 16 blocks.

It was going to be uneven and wonderful in a non-symmetrical way. I also decided to add a thick sashing between the different areas of blocks to bring out the background purple in the blocks themselves. To get this type of top done I needed to do some measuring as well as a little eyeballing. I tried something along the lines of ‘measure twice, cut once.’ I didn’t have any mis-cuts so it must have worked out.

And the end result is……

I like how it turned out a little even yet wonky at the same time.
Here are some of the interior blocks:


I have the perfect backing fabric by Me & My Sister Designs that is going to be a wonderful accompaniment for this quilt.



One thought on “Virtual Quilting Bee – reimagined

  1. Sara says:

    Very pretty in purple and I like your block placement!!

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