Countdown to Christmas

I always start out the holiday season with such high hopes for my crafted gifts and/or decorations. On my original list I had 3 cross-stitch ornaments and my quilt guild swap gift. This list was put together in my head in November. That’s plenty of time to make 3 small Christmas ornaments for co-worker gifts. I’m about 3/4 done with a cute cardinal.

I’m only 20 stitches in on the other two and I need to be complete by Wednesday. Therefore, that project has been scrapped until next year.

I finished and gifted my swap gift. And I kept one for myself.


In the meantime, I did start and complete a pillow cover for a peer at work. She was going to get one of the ornaments but this will be better.

I got the tutorial from Quilt Story as part of their Holiday Tutorial series. I sewed the pillow cover shut by sewing right sides together, on all four sides and pulling right sides out through the zipper opening, instead of using a binding.

My pillow inserts come on Monday – ordered through Pottery Barn as per The Sewing Chick’s suggestion. I’m working on another one that needs to get together before Christmas.

I just need to get motivated between all the work (I work in retail accounting) and the baking of the rest of the work gifts and I also have to get my Dad’s favorite cookies done, of course. He asked about them yesterday. Time to get movin’.


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