Memories in the Making

I recently came across a post on Riddle and {whimsy} where a quilt top was being made using fabric from previously made quilts. It was one old quilt per block and the idea just struck me as something that I definitely needed to incorporate into a new quilt top. Jo used the Catvent pattern but I was thinking more along the lines of the Broken Herringbone. I had been wanting to try that block for a while now and felt that this would be the perfect project for it. So – I tried it out using fabric from the first quilt I ever made.
That quilt is titled Snow Buddies and was made somewhere around 1998. I still use it. Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall – the season does not matter. It is well worn and well loved.

It’s a simple nine-patch that I tied with yarn. The binding is flipped over from the backing fabric and is fraying in the most beautiful way.

As a beginning quilter it is very likely that I overbought yardage of fabric so I believe that I have enough fabric left over from the older quilts in order to take this idea to completion. The problem will be as I get into the more recent ones where fabric buying was a little more precise. I still think I should be okay. Now, onto the first block:

Yay! It came out just as i thought and I am thrilled with this plan! Block 2 has some fabric to be found so moving on….
Block 3 is from a quilt I named Delightfully Deer that I created in 2001 for a hunting friend of mine in Montana. And I’m finally on trend – those deer are coming back in style right about now.

The tutorial is courtesy of Anne at play-crafts. It was very easy to follow and I’m excited to finally have a plan that will use this block. I’m going to write the name and year on the lower right sashing strip and place the blocks chronologically so I can see how my fabric choices changed over the years.

I also put together the June Sugar Block Club block – Teach.

I’m glad that I had the opportunity to go ‘Beyond the Block‘ and teach my nieces how to sew cute zipper pouches. You can read about that experience here. It was wonderful for them to create something with their own hands. And I was proud to give them that during their visit last week.

I also picked up this cool bundle! There’s the periodic table and some formula text print and those beakers! It’s just so great!

They are from Science Fair for Robert Kaufman. I went to check out the name and fell in love with the selvedge.

Eeeeek! It’s so cute!


3 thoughts on “Memories in the Making

  1. France says:

    Those christmas and deer blocks are adorable! I really like how you separated the different fabrics with stripes of grey.
    I never saw deers printed on pink… it gives a feminine touch to a generally masculine subject. And this prints goes very well to the pink plaid and the raspberry red. And the beige fabrics. I’d love to have those fabrics on my shelves. You really made a gorgeous combination!

  2. Joanna says:

    Oh I love your memory herringbones! That’s funny about the deer print — deer do seem like they’re the next “in” thing (which is fine by me because they used to be my favourite animal as a kid and I still think they’re cute!).

    I was thinking of writing the details of my quilts on my cat blocks too but I’m going to wait until my top is done so I can decide on where the best place to write that info is. (And maybe practice neat handwriting lol)

  3. Helen says:

    Great Post! Love all your fabrics- looking forward to see what you create! Thanks for the link too!

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