IG Mini Swap part 2

I received my mini quilt from my secret partner! It is so cool!

I hung it up right away to get the full gorgeous effect of it. It’s going to look gorgeous with my other ones.
My partner also sent some fabulous Joel Dewberry prints. I’m not sure how I will use them but I can’t wait to find out.

There was a Somerset by Fig Tree Honey Bun (1 1/2 inch strips) in the box as well as some nice sewing goodies – some cool embroidery scissors, a pattern, and a seam fixer.

I may use that pattern for the Rainbow Mini Swap. I think it would look great with a rainbow variegation.

I received a second mini this week as well. My guild had their annual handmade gift swap and I ended up with the best of the bunch!

Janet, of Simply Pieced, made this awesome creation. You can read about her process here. I was super excited to get this mini especially because I had to steal it to get it. Sometimes it is good to get the final number in the White Elephant game. You get to choose anything that has already been opened but is not locked. As a side note, the person I stole this from ended up making one for herself because she loved it so much.

I’ve been working on the mini that I am making for the Disney Mini Quilt Swap (yes – I think I may have a swapping problem 🙂 ). Here’s what I can share about it. I did this fabric pull.

Those rich and vibrant reds will be a very big part of this mini and looks great with the teal.

This is Plan B since I couldn’t figure out how to execute Plan A. I now think that Plan B stands for ‘Plan Best’ because I love how this is coming together. Hopefully I’ll be able to show more of this one soon. It’s got to be mailed next month so I need to get moving.


4 thoughts on “IG Mini Swap part 2

  1. Ohhhhh lots of pretties 🙂

  2. Patricia Cash says:

    Wonder colors in the quilt sign. And your swap gift lovely.

  3. WOW! You had some fantastic swap partners! Everything looks lovely!

  4. Brandy F. says:

    Love the mini’s! And the Joel Dewberry fabric…total love! I’m becoming quite the fan of him. ❤

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