Fabric Play

I was putting out my Christmas decorations this week and there are a few things I always display even when I don’t get the tree up (like this year when the time just got away from me). These are items either I made or my mom made for me.
Cross-stitch is a huge part of my life and is my first crafting love. You can read all about that here. So, these decorations are cross-stitched pieces that I love and display every year.


But, the piece that really inspired my quilting journey is this one:

We were always framing all our pieces which just got boring after a while and custom framing is not cheap. I wanted to display this one differently and Leisure Arts always puts finishing instructions for all the pictured projects in the back of the leaflets that contain the cross-stitch patterns. One was finished as pictured above as a wall hanging and we thought that was something we could do. So, to JoAnn’s we went to find coordinating fabrics to make the wall hanging. I just love this ribbon spool fabric! I wonder if Mom still has some of that left.

It’s just sewn squares and strips and I don’t even think there’s any batting inside. We made it like a pillow since we already had those skills. We sewed it right sides together, leaving an opening, then flipped it right sides out, pushed out the corners and hand stitched the opening closed. There’s no actual quilting or anything like that. But, we were so proud of ourselves about the finished product. The free cross-stitch chart can be found on the gloria-pat website and is called ‘May your World’.

I knew then that I wanted to work more with fabric. I started buying the Block of the Month kits from JoAnn’s to learn how to sew quilts. Those blocks are so sloppy and uneven but I learned quite a bit during that experience (and Dad still loves the quilt even if I have to patch it from time to time.). It’s odd when you think back about how different experiences influence the person you are today and the way you do things. I love how that experience led me to the quilting world and everything that comes with that.

Now, back to the present where I adore all the gorgeous fabrics out there and all the things I can now do with them. Cross-stitch still plays a big role and I started this sweet owl stitched piece for a special project.

This design is so cute and you can find the pattern kit here.

It was also FaceTime Christmas with my Dad last night and I got this gorgeous fabric!

Cotton + Steel Basics fat quarter bundles in Berry Box and in Splash. These are my favorite colors of the Basics collection and the metallic accents are just so cool. I may just use some of it in some swap quilts that I have coming up.

And just so you don’t think I did not put up a tree at all, I purchased this small live tree and just tied some wire-edged ribbon on some of the branches. I really like the simplicity of it.

Jasper seems to like it, too.


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope good blessings and wonderful crafting comes your way!


3 thoughts on “Fabric Play

  1. Patti says:

    Yes it is funny what starts our quilting journey. I used to cross stitch also until the eyes started to fade and while I have given away a lot of my supplies I just can’t part with some of them. Enjoy your blog very much. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Katherine says:

    Drooling over those Cotton + Steel bundles. ;o) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with to use them in.

    Happy stitching and Merry Christmas!

  3. Terri Ann says:

    Cotton + Steel for Christmas? Lucky girl. I love your live tree. I don’t have one in my apartment but I’m real tree or not tree all the way. You cross stitch is beautiful. Cross stitch is also one of my first forays into needle crafting but now I’m focused on quilting and it’s nice to have some focus for my flustered brain!

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