Random Roundup #5

Swap Projects:

I’ve been using my new machine to piece some blocks for my next swap project. I picked the color palette.

Some text for background and then those greens and magentas. I think they go so well together. I even broke out some Domino Dots to use. I wanted to go with a diagonal ray type block but a wonky one. It worked out very well.

I also made this super cute foundation paper pieced owl with a pattern by Quiet Play. Her patterns are so great and you can find the Woodland Friends bundle here.



Eek! That owl is so cute! I love how all the colors work together. I used Sketch in brown for the trunk that the owl is perched on and it was just perfect. Mirror Dot in white for the white of the eye and a black text print for the other section of the eye worked out so beautifully and shows some of the depth and wisdom that an owl carries with it. I hope the mini quilt works out as I imagine it will.

More Christmas stuff:
I got myself a Christmas present in the form of the Oliso Pink Iron that I bought through Massdrop at a really great price. For those that don’t know of these irons, they have itouch technology that raises the iron when you remove your hand from it so that you can keep it horizontal.

Those feet that you can see in that picture are called scorch guards that raise into the body of the iron when you put your hand on the handle. That function can be turned off and the iron still has an auto-off feature for safety. It’s very lightweight and moves over the fabric beautifully. So far so good.

Christmas Funds:
My work team gifted me a JoAnn’s gift card so I gave in and got some fabric. I’ve been looking at this Dopey flannel fabric for a while now and I was glad that they still had it. It goes with the fleece my mom put in my stocking.


I also took advantage of the Christmas clearance and grabbed these lovelies.

They will work very well for some stockings that a co-worker has commissioned me to make for next year.

Work should be calming down and I hope to get more sewing done through the rest of the winter. Both of my new tools should help with that goal.
Great blessings to you all for 2015.


3 thoughts on “Random Roundup #5

  1. quiltyjoyjoy says:

    I really like your paper-pieced owl block! It is fantastic.

  2. Darlington Delights says:

    You lucky Christmas duck! Great gifts! And I love the owl!

  3. Love that block and the owl is adorable!

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