New Year, New Stash

I took advantage of some New Year’s sales and added to my stash. Pink Castle Fabrics was having an inventory clearance sale but I ended up in the bundle section and found these beauties.

The Word Up bundle:

So much texty goodness! I’ve been using so many text prints from my stash that this is really just a replenishment. 😊

The Not So Red Riding Hood bundle:

I just love all the tone-on-tone colors in this one and that Riding Hood fabric is growing on me.

A Sketchy Rainbow fat eighth bundle to use in the Rainbow Mini Swap mini.

The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous! It will be perfect for that swap project.

I have one more purchase coming that I will share next week then it’s back to sewing my own stash for while. I went 4 months without buying any new fabric and it was actually really great. I was using what I had and making some fabulous items. I have more money in the bank because I wasn’t spending it willy-nilly on something that I really already have enough of. I’ve got a few travel plans this year and that is where most of my disposable income will land. Creating memories with people I love and making them wonderful things from what I already own is part of my quilty plan this year.

I also did some sewing. I completed the final two blocks from the Sugar Block Club 2014.



Now I need to determine how I want to assemble this top. The colors are gorgeous and I’m so glad I went with the darker background. This will be the third Amy Gibson block of the month top that I will have sewn and I really need to make each of them into completed quilts. Part of my quilty goals this year is to finish quilts from the myriad of quilt tops that I have lying around. I have one top basted and ready to quilt. I can’t wait to test out the throat space on my new machine and see if a quilt will fit better than with my old machine.

I made this Halloween gift bag to hold a delayed Christmas gift for my mom.

I had ordered some stitching accessories and a pattern with embellishment pack from a small online retailer in early December. The pattern was on back order so I didn’t get any of the package until last week. I was quite annoyed that they did not send the items that were in stock but held the entire order until the leaflet arrived. So, it missed the actual gift exchange. The pattern is a Halloween based fairy design (which I failed to get a picture of before gifting it) so I stitched up this sweet bag to be her project holder while she is working on it.

I also received some gifts in the mail this week. My dad sent me this awesome plaque for my sewing room.

And I received my Disney Swap mini quilt:

Dopey is my favorite Disney character and my partner made this spectacular mini for me! It looks so great. I have a cross-stitch that I made many years ago that is this exact same pose. Having them together up on my wall will be awesome.

Happy sewing!


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Stash

  1. lapaylor says:

    what a lot of fabrics I want! Best not to let me into your studio, as I might like lots of your stash!! Someone in bee suggested we all share fabric, and I recoiled in horror!! I don’t even use it enough, much less let people cut into my precious stash!! LOL The red riding hood is my fave… LeeAnna at not afraid of color, with her own overwhelming stash

  2. Fun fabrics! I’ve made a lot of use of Sketch fabrics – they’re very versatile! But really that Red Riding Hood is my favourite – super cute!

  3. Sarah Goer says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the Word Up bundle and NOT bought it! I have managed to pick up a couple of those individually… it’s just made me want more! 🙂 Your blocks look great and I LOVE the Dopey. So fun!

  4. Cathy says:

    Such a sweet Dopey pic! Love the text prints. I need to replenish my stash too.

  5. Those wordy fabrics are great! I’m also working on finishing my tops into quilts. The stack is getting too high. 🙂

  6. Rachel says:

    I like the background fabrics that are with the little red riding hood fabric. 😉 And that rainbow sketch has caught my eye many a time as well. Lovely new stash!

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