Disney Mini Quilt Swap

My partner received her mini today so I can spout on and on about it and how cool I think it is.

Her survey indicated that her favorite Disney movie is The Sword in the Stone. I’ve always been enthralled by the King Arthur legend and absorb anything I can about it. The Once and Future King is one of my favorite books from high school. As a young adult that love led me to a book titled The Mists of Avalon which I read around the time that a movie called ‘First Knight’ came out. Hello! Sean Connery as King Arthur? Yes, please!

The Sword in the Stone is the Disney version of that legendary tale and I knew that was the route I would take. She also mentioned The Little Mermaid and Frozen but I was drawn to the legend of King Arthur. I downloaded a bunch of images to get some inspiration. Did I want to go right for it or a little obscure? I just wasn’t quite sure.


I went back and forth for a while because I really love the sword with the words etched in it and the text in the shape of the sword and anvil. I was having trouble figuring out how to make those come to life with my current skill-set. I was also very drawn to the book cover. It’s bright and vibrant and just cool. So, that’s the route I took.


I opened EQ6 and drew it up so I could figure out sizes. I pulled a bunch of reds along with those teals and blue and gold accents.

First step was adding the teal and blue sections.


Once those parts were done I just went full force to get this top finished.


I was so pleased at this point. I had appliquéd on the sword and filigree pieces. I enlarged the photo so I could trace the words. I did that from the back of the copy paper so they would cut the correct direction which is how I was able to create some appliqué pieces for those.


The back is just random placement of the same colors as the front but I added the saying using the alphabet stitch on my new sewing machine.



I quilted to create the hardback seams on the book cover. I bound it in the gold I used for the letters and it was just the perfect choice.


As a final finishing touch, I added a sword charm on the sword appliqué piece and hand-stitched the blue jewels. It adds the perfect amount of sparkle to go this mini.


This swap was so much fun and the creativity of all involved was just over the top. I would definitely do another Disney swap. Be sure to get on Instagram and check out the hashtag to see all the awesomeness. #disneyquiltswap2015

You can also google Disney Mini Quilt swap to see the minis that have been blogged about.


4 thoughts on “Disney Mini Quilt Swap

  1. Cathy says:

    I love it!!!! You did a fantastic job with this challenge and I’m sure she will love it!

  2. Shannon C. says:

    This is so fabulous! I think you did great to pick the book cover rather than something more obvious. My favorite part of that movie is when they turn into fish….

  3. Fantastic – you don’t see the sword and the stone featured that often on disney quilts – love it!

  4. terri414cb says:

    The book cover turned out perfect. I don’t think I ever would have attempted it but your quilt is spot on!

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