Power Fail

The post I was planning on writing will not be written until later this week because I accidentally put the power cord for my laptop in my messenger bag for my work laptop and took it to the office. My computer had 10% power when I turned it on and quickly gave up for the night. There is prep work that I will need to do on it that I cannot do on my IPad. So we will move on to other things I have been doing this week…..

Stash Enhancement:
I was looking online for some fabric to enhance a mini I am making and found the Super Awesome Low Volume Blogger Bundle at Pink Castle Fabrics.

Here are my favorite ones of this bunch.

The Cookie Cutter print by Cotton + Steel is so incredibly cool. I’m a bit of a baker – well I love baking – so this print just called to me. The top print in front is Teensy Weensy by Art Gallery. It’s so cute with those little x’s all over the place.
And I had to have these butterflies – Biology Fauna in White:


Rainbow Mini Quilt Swap:
I’ve had a plan in my head for this one that’s just been percolating in there. I finally had time to try and put it into action. I had fun choosing this rainbow fabric pull.


I cut each color using a Dresden ruler and sandwiched them with some low volume and texty prints. I just adore a text print. I’ve made some great progress but still have a bit of finishing to do on this top.


Random Ramblings:
I took my mother out for her birthday for a fun lunch and shopping afternoon. We were in Michael’s Arts & Crafts and they have just started carrying all kinds of cool galvanized steel items. Galvanized steel is my favorite decorative accessory material and I just could not resist a few cute containers and these awesome galvanized letters!


They are going to look great on the wall in my sewing room surrounded by all the great mini quilts that I’ve received in all those Instagram swaps.


10 thoughts on “Power Fail

  1. eadouglas says:

    That cookie cutter fabric is to die for!

  2. The low volume bundle is awesome! I really like what you’ve done with the dresden – I’m working with my Mom and Aunt to make a 60th anniversary quilt for my grandparents in April and we’re making low volume dresdens on a wine background. Then we’ll be bringing some pigma markers to the big party so all their friends and family can sign the blades!

  3. Sarah Goer says:

    Such awesome rainbow fabrics! Your mini is looking great!

  4. msminnesota says:

    This is the 2nd Pink Castle Fabrics purchase in Molli’s linkup….gotta love Pink Castle! You got some fantastic looking stuff. I agree – the cookie cutter fabric is pretty great!

  5. Cathy says:

    Love the low volume prints!!! And that rainbow quilt looks wonderful!

  6. Gaye says:

    Love all your new fabrics and your colorful mini. I’m a sucker for industrial touches so I better not go near Michael’s. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the phrase “stash enhancement.” I’m going to start using that to feel less guilty when I buy fabric!

  8. Cara says:

    Love all the fabric, and I like that you call it stash “enhancement!” Ha ha!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Love that low-volume bundle. I just signed up for a low-volume subscription because it’s a big gap in my stash, can’t wait til the first one gets here.

  10. Rachel says:

    Very nice fabrics! I like those sketch dots and the teensy weensy especially… and rainbow is always awesome. 😉 Looks good!

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