Modern Memory Blocks

My local quilt guild had a ‘Not Going to Quiltcon Sew-In’ this weekend. I figured out what I wanted to work on, pulled some fabric, and packed up everything to go.

When I got there to set up my machine I realized I did not grab my foot pedal/power cord for my sewing machine. Ugghhh… Oh well. So I ended up prepping and cutting the fabrics I brought so I could sew them when I got home. My plan was to work on the Broken Herringbone blocks that I have been doing for a Memory Quilt. This one is a memories of quilts I’ve made by using fabrics from those quilts for the blocks. I was able to get 6 more blocks completed once I got home.

I think it’s interesting to see the development of my color choices as my quilting prowess grows. Here are some of the earlier (10-15 years ago) fabric pulls.

The colors are so muted and more neutral than I what I am drawn to now. Here are some of the more recent pulls (within the last 5 years.)

These are bright, bold, and happy. I love the direction my color choices have taken. My plan was to create these herringbone blocks in chronological order but I still need to find some of the older fabric in order to really do that.

Speaking of fabric – this week’s additions:

That top fabric is Color Theory and I just had to have it when I saw it on Instagram last week. It will be my inspiration piece when my turn as Queen Bee comes around later this year for the Beehive Quilt Bee. Then there’s Fall Magnolia, Doe Lightening, and Kona Cotton in Steel (I’m trying to embrace some solids). I also got these goodies:

Missouri Quilt Company had a Daily Deal recently which was a free mini tumbler ruler and a pattern to use it for. While there I found a Mixed Bag mini charm pack, a Cotton + Steel Playful charm pack, and. C+S Cookie Book charm pack. I’m planning to use Playful for a charity infant quilt. It will be perfect for that.
Then I received the IKEA Raskog cart in teal! I ordered the steel gray one last week, which I love, because the teal wasn’t available but I kept checking and then one day it was. So I popped that puppy into my cart and checked out immediately so I wouldn’t lose it. They are currently on sale as IKEA may be phasing these carts out. If you want one you really should jump in and order one. The color is just perfect and it works so well in my sewing room.


Jasper really likes it too!



8 thoughts on “Modern Memory Blocks

  1. wow, your seams are impeccable!! I hope to be able to sew that well one day 😉 I also love all your colors – the muted ones as well as the brights.

  2. Yes, a foot pedal would definitely be essential! I went to a sew-in recently with some hand work only–it was nice to not have to lug my machine and I still got lots of socializing done 🙂

  3. wow that herringbone is looking great, also looks like a lot of work, and LOVE the memory quilt idea!

  4. Anne says:

    I have totally done that “forgot my pedal” thing before! The blocks look great, and I love the idea of a memory quilt. 🙂 Jasper is a real cutie, too!

  5. laurachaney83 says:

    Oh love that cart! It would match my sewing space perfectly, too… Hmmm… a trip to Ikea might be in order!

  6. Carole says:

    It is interesting how our taste in color and fabric changes over the years. How wonderful that you have your quilting documented like this!

  7. Like the piping on those blocks, it really adds dimension. Like the kitty, too. They are so cute/annoying, aren’t they?

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