Fun and Games

A while back, I had purchased this Fun & Games fat quarter bundle with the intention that is was perfect for the charity quilts that my guild (The Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild) donates to LeBonhuer Children’s hospital here in Memphis.  It’s very gender-neutral and the colors are fabulous.  The prints contain yo-yos, dart boards, cogs wheels, spinners, and mazes.  It’s a super fun collection of fabrics.

I have also recently procured The Color Issue of ModBlock magazine by Missouri Quilt Company.  One of the designs really caught my eye – Noted by Alexia Abegg (@alexiastitches). I made my quilt so that it used 4 blocks across and 4 blocks down to make it infant sized.  I picked my 16 main fabrics and thought I would pair it up with some coordinating solids instead of just one low volume fabric.  That also meant that I could pull directly from my stash to complete this design! It turned out so great!  I love this design and will probably use it again in a different quilt.  It was so quick to put together as well.  I love the contained scrappiness of it.  I’m very happy with the solids and that teal really brings it all together.   I used a scrappy binding and quilted it using echo straight line quilting which I did diagonally and between each block with a tan thread color.  I made a pieced backing using most of the remaining fabric from that bundle and I even remembered to put on a label!  I’m always forgetting about the label and normally have to find a way to add it in later.  I am also super pleased with how my binding turned out and I love seeing how my skills are improving in that area.       I love that multi-colored cogs wheel print!  This 48×48 quilt goes in the stack for LeBonheur Children’s hospital.  We’re planning on donating to the infant ward in the fall.  This will be our second time doing so and it is so fulfilling knowing that these quilts are going to very deserving children and their families.

Stash Enhancement:

Thank you for this fabulous bundle of loveliness!  Michael Miller Basics in Bloom was such a great deal and they have another drop happening right now in case you are interested.  There are three other colorways to choose from (Neutral, Crayon, and Ocean).  It took a lot of thought and some eeny-meeny-miney-moe to decide on this colorway.  I loved them all!

Those will be fabulous blenders for a multitude of projects if I ever take them out of that pretty bundle. 🙂  I really should remove them and see what else I can pair some of these colors up with.  I’m looking forward to using these in some future projects.



4 thoughts on “Fun and Games

  1. Patricia Cash says:

    Pretty quilt, will check out the book, thanks

  2. lapaylor says:

    love the dark darks with your prints. Gives it focus. And good for you to do a donation quilt… LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. What a cheerful quilt, I’m sure it will make the little receiver smile

  4. hydeeann says:

    wow, what a cool pattern! and it came out looking so different with your use of color and value placement. fun, fun.

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