Refresher Course

I have been preparing my guest bedroom for guests that should be arriving next week.  It is barely used and was previously the room of a teenage boy when he came to stay from time to time.  So, I kept the room in blues and wood shades and tones.  That boy is now an adult and doesn’t come by to stay so I decided to re-do the bedding and decorations in that room and brighten it up a bit.

I started with this bright rainbowy Palm Beach duvet cover that I picked up at PB Teen.  I thought it would make a great backing for some kids quilts.  But, I really like it on this bed and I think I need to make a matching pillow cover for that denim pillow in the background.  Maybe something rainbow and scrappy….. Jasper sure did make himself comfy right away.  🙂

There was some empty wall space on the side wall near the bed and I was thinking of putting some of my rainbow mini quilts in there.  But, I just love them in my sewing room and I am in there more often than in this room so I left them there.  I did bring in an unfinished top and hung that on the wall instead.  I’m still thinking of adding more borders to it so I haven’t totally completed this piece.  But it looks wonderful on that wall. I also made another Hour Basket to add to the room on a shelving unit at the end of the bed.  If you haven’t made one yet then you definitely should.  They are so easy and customizable to whatever decor or size you want. I used a Reel Time mini charm pack that I received in my package when I ordered the Reel Time fat quarter bundle from Starlit Quilts on Etsy.  The basket looks so cool on that shelf and I need to make more.  I know that none of these items really match each other but they still mesh really well together in this room. Reel Time is my current favorite line.  That film strip print is fabulous!  And then the TVs and the colors are just perfect.  I just had to get the bundle and I found a great deal on it which makes it even better.  

I also finished a mini quilt for the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild paint chip challenge.  It’s a secret swap so I can’t show you a color photo but I can show you this one!  I love it.  I used the  Octagonal Orb pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  I echo quilted each true diagonal and around the orb horizontal sections.  It brings a lot of interest to that solid center.  I’ll be able to show you a color photo in September so I am going to really enjoy it in my sewing room until then.  It’s a sacrifice I will just have to make for my guild.  😊


2 thoughts on “Refresher Course

  1. Isn’t it strange to change rooms that once had ‘another life’? I like your colors you’ve used here, and the basket and flimsy give it your personal touch. I’m looking forward to seeing that swap mini in color, but in my mind I’ve already colorized it knowing some of the fabric lines. I hope you enjoy your upcoming guests as much as they appreciate your re-do effort!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  2. Little Black Cat Quilting says:

    So many awesome finishes! I love the basket, that fabric is so pretty. 🙂

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