Beehive Blocks

Earlier this year I got involved in The Beehive Quilt Bee being hosted by Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts and Angie of Gnome Angel.  If you are not currently in any of the ‘swarms’ you can still play along and use any of the blocks from the free tutorials.  The quilts that I have seen on the #beehivequilts tag on Instagram are looking absolutely fabulous!  My month as Queen is October so I have plenty of time to pick a block – two new ones are released each month.  I already have my colors picked out but I’m waiting to see which block I choose before I divulge my selection to my swarm. The Bee Hive series

My favorite part of this bee is pulling the current month’s fabric that the queen for that month has chosen.  I’m pulling from my stash as much as possible.  Only one block is being made with that selection so it makes it that much more feasible to pull from what I already have on hand.

Here are the first month’s selections – what I initially pulled (and posted online for the queen’s selection and approval) then what I ended up using in the block.

  She wanted a stash buster with low volume for the ‘x’ and bright pops of color for the side and corners.  She loved this green when I first posted it so I knew I had to keep that one in the block.IMG_1048The next two month’s queens wanted the Houndstooth block.  One wanted bright orange with ivory and the other wanted a southwestern hue of peaches, mint, and low volume ivory.  I went with the larger flowers on peach but failed to get a finished photo of the block.FullSizeRender IMG_1204The next queen wanted the Wanta Fanta block in any colors we chose as a scrap busting choice with a white background.  I went with pinks, greens, and purple backed up by Mirror Dot in White.  You just can’t go wrong with Mirror Dots.01eadfc4010dc5536293feb1a402f8220bfd11ce64 014ce9366468ff4bba7b66c6b956e8a3d81558a647June’s queen also chose the Tic Tac Toe block but with turquoise, navy, and ivory for her colors.  I love how cool this one looks.01cf783dbd7ede2222b2d377e6091b6924bd592830The July queen just made her color selections and chose bright citrusy hues.  I sent her this photo and she approved this range for her Spinwheel block.01c18142bbc90733aa6c13f3e39f3d650563b4a2d1I tend to think that I have a good sense of color and how they will play with each other.  But, this bee has had me reach a little bit out of my normal choices and still come up with some fabulous combinations.  I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year holds and what the remaining color selections will be.

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