Sewcation 2015

I take a week off each year before it gets a bit crazy at work and concentrate on doing things around the house.  So, of course, it usually contains a bit of sewing and some home organization.  This year was no exception.  I got off to a slow start but finally got my sewing machine moving and got a lot done.

Christmas Mini Quilt Swap 2015:

Once I finished the Text Me Mini Quilt Swap quilt, I moved on to the next one on my list.  The Christmas Mini Swap isn’t due until early November but I got motivated to start it and looked at my partner’s likes and dislikes.  I also pulled up the Pinterest account to get an idea of what direction to go with this mini.  I pulled some Christmasy greens and got started on a wreath-like pattern.  The center star pattern was found at Lily’s Quilts and is called the ET Phone Home block.  I added the holly fabric where the pattern calls for the background print as it made it appear more wreath-like to me.  I then added the side pieces and then the corner triangles to finish it off.  I bound in a red dot and it is finished!  I actually may add some red beads to the medium triangle area to give more of a holly appearance.  But, I love it either way.

Christmas Stockings:

I was commissioned, really early in the year, to make 3 stockings to be complete by this upcoming Christmas.  During the year the count increased to 4 as this young family was now expecting their second child.  That lovely child was born just 2 weeks ago.  The mother gave me a photo to go by but wanted first name initials as the centerpiece of the stocking fronts.  For the initials I used the Lower case ABCs paper piecing pattern by Diane Bohn of ‘from blank pages’.

I found a free stocking template at Craftaholics Anonymous.  And it was perfect!  I straight-line quilted following the lines on the green fabric and continued that into the red and poinsettia prints.  I really like the cross-hatch it gives at the sides of the stockings.

It was incredibly satisfying completing these stockings as I have never made any prior to this.  They turned out adorable and I hope the family loves them.

 Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap Round 4:

I also decided to work on another swap project that is due in early November.  I stalked my partner’s Instagram account and looked again and again at the likes and dislikes on my assignment email.  I had previously downloaded a paper-piecing pattern called Striped Star by Kristy of Quiet Play.  I wanted to play around with that pattern with colors that my partner likes.  I ended up with this:01db19881ac7ba58954a6610bc169e00673e43d548 I just LOVE it!  I failed to take progress pics which is probably good since I hated the first try before I moved to putting the Shuffle fabric (by Riley Blake Designs – after Googling I found some here) in all sections and not just the corners.  I added the 1/4″ text border around the star and then extended the Shuffle fabric outwards.  I was so inspired that I completed the back and got this mini quilted and bound before the day was done.014a6f2272652a942dffb3e9c678de52ed4b5fa283What that means is that I have completed all of the swap quilts that I have through the end of the year.  This will give me time to work on Christmas gifts.  I believe I have a few bags and some pillow shams to make…..


8 thoughts on “Sewcation 2015

  1. Valerie Avendaño says:

    Love the stockings!!!

  2. Jayne says:

    Love the blocks…They look like so much fun! The stockings with the special touch of a letter, adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cathy says:

    You got so much done! I love each and every thing you made. Just gorgeous.

  4. maartjequilt says:

    You have been busy and such a beautiful work. Love your stockings and mini’s!!

  5. France says:

    You’re a productive lady! Your Christmas star is gorgeous. I love how festive and cheerful your mini quilt looks. And you’ve made a beautiful set of Christmas socks too!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Your Christmas mini is gorgeous as are your stockings. I can’t imagine your family not absolutely loving them. Beautiful work.

  7. Stephie says:

    You have been busy – and so organised! I love the star mini quilt, and I’m not surprised you felt so inspired!

  8. Katie V. says:

    Those Christmas fabrics are so cheerful and beautiful. I love it!

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