Paint Chip Challenge 

Last weekend my local quilt guild, the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild had our meeting where we swapped mini quilts that were made as part of a guild paint chip challenge.  We selected 2 paint chips, clipped them together, and put our name on the back.  Once that was done they were all put in a bag and we blind selected from the bag.  We could use any neutral (white, black, grey, ivory) and one additional color in our mini.  Here are the paint chips I received:  

I really love these colors together!  So, I got home from the meeting and started pulling fabrics.

  I think I got pretty close and was able to use that mustardy yellow as my extra color.  I had been hoarding a pattern and knew this project would be perfect for it.  I chose the Octagonal Orb pattern by Elizabeth Hartman that was posted on the Modern Quilt guild site. My first triangular section came out pretty good. 

Then I put the rest of it together.

I decided to quilt it with a basic straight line focusing on the triangle pieces and around the octagon as well.  I used a dark green thread to quilt it and I really like the way it looks.


As part of the meeting I received a mini quilt as well.  My mini was made by Katelyn from Sing While Crafting.  I had forgotten what colors I selected but, based on the mini, I think they were pinks and blues.  I remember trying to pick colors outside of my norms of purples and teals.

She picked the Cross-Stitch Block tutorial from Pile O’ Fabric based on my love of cross-stitch and then pieced those in a cat head design in reference to my two sweet cats.  She used teal as her other color and bound in one of the blues.

01ce288760ae7156e0ff3a9910138aab6631be87eeI just love it and I wish we had a video of all the very animated reactions of our guild members as they were called to come up and receive their new mini.  This was a secret swap as well so we have all been posting black and white images of the minis on Instagram just to show progress.  All of the reactions were just priceless and the whole thing was so much fun!


9 thoughts on “Paint Chip Challenge 

  1. ♥ Erin says:

    love this idea! what a great way to swap. you did such a fantastic job, i love it!!

  2. what a great idea! I will suggest it to my guild. Both the block you gave and the one you received are very fun. Nice job!

  3. Cathy says:

    I love the mini you made! It is absolutely gorgeous and I bet it was loved by the recipient. And the cross stitch mini you got is so pretty!

  4. It really was SO much fun. Reactions were hilarious. I can text the you the pic I have of your paint chips if you want. lol. I knew you liked teal and I had that perfect solid – had to use it. AND I LOVE the mini you made. When you pulled it up I so thought it was mine. lol

  5. Marsha says:

    Your paint chips were so perfect together. I love the block you chose and that starfish fabric is one I’d love to find. What a great job you did and what a wonderful mini you received! All in all, a win-win I’d say.

  6. Love this idea for a challenge and I have passed it on to our guild’s Swap Coordinator. Nice work on your mini!

  7. What a fun swap idea! The quilt you made is fantastic and it sounds like everyone had a great time.

  8. Little Black Cat Quilting says:

    I love the pattern you used, that blocks is stunning! And the colors work perfectly together! I love the idea of a paint chip swap, it’s so clever. 🙂

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