Scrap or Stash

I was organizing my scraps the other day and started sorting them into medium and small pieces.  Medium being pieces I can fold once and small being anything smaller than that.  The small pieces I was putting into this nice big glass jar.  I thought they would look really cool in the jar. Then I needed a a day of mindless sewing.  Mindless – meaning that I was not going to put much thought into color placement or shape or size.  Scrap improvisational sewing was the answer.  I separated the small scraps into smaller sections of light and dark and that’s as planned as I got.  This was the end result.  I trimmed each slab into 6 1/2 inch squares. These are a few of the dark blocks.  I have a plan in my head for the next steps for these.

Prior to the mindless day of sewing, I was experiencing a bit of unacknowledged stress and did some online fabric shopping.  Carrie, from Gotcha Covered Quilting, was having a big sale prior to her going in for surgery.  She is also collecting Hexagon Flowers to put into a quilt of her own while she goes through chemotherapy after her surgery.  Be sure to follow her Instagram account (@gotchacoveredquilting) for more details on her battle and how she keeps a positive outlook on her future.  Anyway, I wanted to support this positivity and buy some awesome fabric during this sale.

I recently fell for the Lucky Strike line by Cotton + Steel and have decided I need it.  We have a history of bowling prowess in the family and I thought I could use this line to make some fabulous gifts.  That scorecard print is divine! I also picked up a Fat Quarter bundle of Tinsel (another wonderful Cotton + Steel line.)  The trees are so super cute!  One or two of the other pieces may end up in a Christmas Swap package.  Then a charm pack of the new Zen Chic line – For You – landed in my cart.  The prints are so wonderful.  I can’t wait to use this one.  This happy mail, which also included my very favorite Sees Candies Lollipop flavor, landed on my doorstep on that day of mindless sewing and it was perfect timing.  I’m happy that I placed this order with Carrie.  I also sent her a Hexie Flower to help support her during this journey.


9 thoughts on “Scrap or Stash

  1. Valerie Avendaño says:

    Love the fat quarter bundle – the trees are the cutest! Even Grace pointed it out immediately!

  2. Gina says:

    Great fabrics. Sometimes the only thing that helps is mindless sewing and fabric retail therapy

  3. Improvisational sewing of scraps is one of my favorite ways to use up fabric in my scrap bin. How wonderful to be able to support Carrie with purchases that were a delight to receive and a hexie flower. The scorecard print really is awesome.

  4. Jayne says:

    Scraps are always so much fun to play with! I love the idea of a great big jar…how pretty that would be! Love you fabrics too!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Love those Cotton and Steel fabrics!!!

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with your scrap blocks. They look great. And buying those fabrics seems like a wonderful way to support Carrie. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Kate says:

    Fun, fun fabrics.

  8. Love your improv blocks! I find them so freeing to make.

  9. Cathy says:

    I really love your scrap block. Sometimes you just really need that mindless sewing.

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