Skirting the Issue

After last year’s holiday season, I put everything away (of the very little I had out) but kept my Christmas tree skirt to add to my sewing room.  It was beginning to fall apart and become uneven and not very cute anymore.  I have kept it under my ironing board for the entire year as I knew that I wanted to make myself a new one. 

For the last two years or so I have barely decorated for the holidays or not at all.  I knew that I would fill up my days with other projects and never get it done if I did not do it soon so I have now guilted my mother into coming over for Thanksgiving and helping me decorate. 

The first thing I needed to do to prepare is to make that Christmas tree skirt that I promised myself to make.  I pulled out 3 Christmas Charm Packs – 2 Ho! Ho! Ho! by Deb Strain and 1 Holly’s Tree Farm by Sweetwater and sewed 100 of the charms randomly together in a 10×10 grid.  The colors and patterns in both of these lines worked really well together.  The size was based on the size of my old tree skirt (48×48).  I then basted and quilted it on both sides of the seams and then diagonally in each direction.  I felt the sturdiness of quilting would make it easier to cut.  After the quilting, I cut out the center hole and the slit in the back.  I also trimmed the corners to create something that resembled a circle.  (This will probably be Jasper’s main pose during the holidays as he loves to be under everything.) After the cat test I went and grabbed the perfect fabric from my stash for the binding.  A little peppermint candy to add to the whimsy of this piece with some green and red accents. The curved binding was easier than I had anticipated and it turned out really cute.  I added ribbons in red and green to the slit to tie the skirt together around the tree truck.   I attached them when I attached the binding and caught them under then needle while sewing the binding to the skirt on the back and then again after flipping the binding to the front in order to secure them for use. I love how this turned out!     

  It’s going to be so cute under my tree.  Now I have to go back to making more gifts for my Handmade Holiday.  A Cargo Duffle may be in my future if I can find the right fabric for the exterior.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers.  I give thanks everyday to this quilting community that I throughly enjoy being a part of. 

2 thoughts on “Skirting the Issue

  1. How cute!! Love the peppermint border too 🙂

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