Peanuts for Christmas

A few weeks back I teased this Peanuts fabric:  One of the directors at work is a Peanuts fanatic.  We have worked togther for 15 years now and with the Peanuts movie out I was really inspired to make something for her for Christmas.  I decided on the Sew Together Bag as it is one of my favorites.  I actually get faster with each time that I make it.

I also got this selection of fabrics that I wanted to to use for the outside panel of the bag.  I chose two of the blocks from the top panel and designed around those until I came up with this.  I am a bit annoyed at the crookedness of Lucy but it is staying that way.  I just made that the back of the bag.  I used the blues and words for the inside of the bag and coordinated the zippers to match everything else.    The row of Peanuts characters just had to be on the outside of the bag so you can see them when the bag is expanded and I used the Charlie Brown shirt stripe as the binding.Shes going to love it!  And I made her a keychain as an additional little gift. 

I have other friends that love Peanuts so I made them each a Wide-Open Pouch and a keychain. I believe that concludes my Holiday sewing other than for gift bags, which I may use to put some of these Handmade Holiday gifts in.



3 thoughts on “Peanuts for Christmas

  1. Those are fantastic gifts!

  2. Hannah says:

    Amazing! I need some of that fabric, I love Snoopy. And bags. ☺

  3. That’s great that you’re done – I have barely begun…think I’m gonna finish? (I don’t!) These are cute – I love Peanuts.

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