Disney Quilt Swap 2016

The 2016 Disney Mini Quilt Swap is complete and I wanted to share what I sent and what I received.

My partner stated that she liked the older Disney movies and especially those with nature and animals.  Her favorite Disney film is The Aristocats and her IG name was cat related.  I just had to make an Aristocats mini for her.  I picked a few inspirational images off of the Internet and finally decided to focus on the three kittens.

I used The Kittens patterns by Elizabeth Hartman for the three kittens – Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse.  The pattern allowed me to construct the kittens as different as they actually are.  For Marie, I used the Mr. Snuggles kitten and added a pieced bow which really made her stand out.  

 Toulouse was created using the Simon kitten pattern and Berlioz was created using the Bacon Bits kitten.  I made collars in their signature colors and used an Eiffel Tower fabric as the background.  This entire mini was pieced using stash fabrics so that’s a huge win and I was so happy to have that Eiffel Tower fabric in my stash as it was perfect for this. My favorite phrase/song from that movie is ‘Everybody wants to be a Cat’ and I knew I wanted to incorporate that somewhere.  I already had a pattern for paper pieced letters so I created the word ‘cat’ in the three colors that I used for the collars.   You can find the letter pattern, by Diane Bohn, here.  The mini would be huge if I used those letters for the entire phrase so I searched my stash for a solution. I had a fabric that was just lower case letters spaced out for cutting and piecing back together.  It worked perfectly!  I intentionally made the piecing a little wonky to give it some movement as if the song was being played over and over in your head.   I made a pieced back, continuing the color theme from the front.   This picture really shows off the quilting so let’s talk about that.  I did large wavy lines over the kittens and then some straight line echo quilting around them to make them stand out a little.  Smaller wavy lines covered the writing and finished off this mini.  I really love this one and my partner does as well.  There was a little argument on IG after I shipped it as to who it was going to so that was fun to see. 

Now, onto the one I received!  My very favorite Disney character is Dopey so my partner sent me a Minimalist rendition of Dopey and it is just so cute!  The green is the perfect color for his clothes.  The purple hat and brown patch are also exactly the right shade.  I love it and it will make such a great addition to my collection.  And how adorable is that Tsum Tsum?

The Disney swap is always my favorite.  There is usually a lot of awesomeness on display.  

I have one more swap item to finish this spring and hope to be able to share that soon.

Happy Sewing!



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