Ironing Station – IKEA hack

I am so excited about finishing my new ironing station.  I had previously posted about an ironing station that was in progress using an IKEA tv stand.  It is the BESTA TV bench with doors.I needed just a little more height so I added some galvanized plumbing fixtures to get the look that I wanted between the TV bench and the plywood.  It adds a little industrial feel to it and if there is a galvanized anything in the store then I will probably have it in my hands.  Galvanized is my favorite color.I covered the plywood with 4 layers of batting before covering it with the best ironing board fabric ever…..Unfortunately, this print is from Hancock’s Fabrics and I bought it quite a while back so I don’t believe it’s available anymore.  But, it’s perfect for this project.  Just so perfect!I moved this baby into my sewing space and filled it up with fabric storage.  My new favorite storage boxes are from The Container Store.  These small clear boxes fit fat quarters and charm squares perfectly.They look awesome in their new space.  I also used Tall Shoe Boxes for larger cuts of fabric and the regular shoes boxes for ongoing projects.I haven’t ironed anything on it yet but am excited to do so soon.  I love all this organization but hope I remember where everything is.  The clear boxes should help out with that problem.

Jasper has completed his quality assurance inspection and it appears to have passed with flying colors.

12 thoughts on “Ironing Station – IKEA hack

  1. Valerie Avendaño says:


  2. oh my! that’s amazing!! I love all the storage too.

  3. Sandra says:

    I think I need that ironing station!

  4. Jen R says:

    That looks great! I am considering retiring my giant folding table and converting to something like this with doors on it. Seeing how much storage is in there, I might just do it. 🙂

  5. Cindy says:

    I need to do this! Functional in more ways than one.

  6. Jayne says:

    What a great idea and set up! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Stopping by from Fabric Frenzy Friday. I Love your ironing station. Hubby is going to build me one and I’m going to show him a picture of yours!

    And you’re right… that fabric is perfect. I love vintage sewing machines.

  8. Jan Altomare says:

    Wow, love the station. I’m new to quilting and looking for how to start and stay organized.

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