Time for Wine

I finished one of my UFOs!  Super exciting!

This finish is the wine themed table runner for one of my best friends.  She has a grapes/wine themed kitchen and I told her I would make her a table runner for her dining room.  I picked out the fabrics a while back but did not know what I wanted to do with them.  I ended up with some half-square triangles and placed them how I thought would look cool.  The focus fabrics are so busy and I needed to contain them a little so they did not overpower the project.  I added some greens and purples and light beiges to calm it down.  I really like how it turned out.I highlighted each focus print in each block.  The purple corners in the center block are from a first version of a block that I did not like but these corner units worked great for this new direction so I kept them.The beige wine prints are older from Fabric.com and they are no longer on their website.  The purples were found recently at JoAnn’s.  The purple text print is my favorite fabric in this project.  That is my friend all day long!I bound it using the best green ever – XOXO by Cotton + Steel.  And I’m so pleased at how much better my corners are getting each time I bind something.  I guess practice does mean perfect.Here are some more fancy photos I took.And I remembered to label it!  Also, how awesome is this sparkly purple fabric?

Onto the next UFO……
Happy Sewing!


One thought on “Time for Wine

  1. Cathy says:

    Love it! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to finish up a UFO? Great job! I’m sure your friend loves it as well.

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