Cross it off

Another quilt finish!  I’ve been super busy basting and quilting old work-in-progress quilt tops and it feels great to get them all done.  This one is the Wonky Cross quilt that I started early last year.  My previous progress is documented here.  It’s for an old high-school friend of mine that is currently serving in the Coast Guard.  He just recently got shipped out and this quilt will be waiting for me to send to him when he returns. Lots and  lots of improv happening here.  From the crosses to the borders.  I had no plan other than the color palette and the crosses but I love how it turned out!  I quilted it with a radiating star type design from the top corner of the crosses section out to the edges.  The borders contain straight lines in an L shape.

I found the perfect binding fabric in a print from the Pandalicious line which I mixed with one of the grey prints.  It framed it beautifully!  Now it gets to spend some time hanging out in my sewing room for me to enjoy until he gets back to the states.

Stash Enhancement:

Pink Castle Fabrics was having a special on Asterisk fabric by Lizzy House.  I had to have it before it goes away.  I just love a great blender fabric!There are some metallics in there as well which I seriously love!

I’m currently working on quilting yet another work-in-progress which I hope to have done next weekend.

Happy Sewing!


6 thoughts on “Cross it off

  1. I love this and would like to try to make one. I’m reasonably new to quilting and I have no idea how you managed to join the irregular shaped blocks when they are all different lengths and widths. I’d love an explanation if it’s not too much trouble. Many thanks. Sheila @berniesgirls

    • crossquilt says:

      Hey Sheila – the crosses are joined together in 3 different sections and the rectangular sections were then sewn together to make the big rectangle. It’s like a big puzzle and I did have to trim up a few blocks as I went to make them all fit. It’s improv so you kind of make it up as you go. Have fun!

  2. This is a fun quilt to look at. I haven’t done much with improv blocks and enjoy seeing it done so well.

    And oooh pretty new fabrics! I like having a lot of blenders available, too, and these are great colors.

  3. Thank you so much. It makes sense now! Hopefully I’ll give it a go before too long.

  4. Julierose says:

    gorgeous cross quilt…I love it hugs, Julierose

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