Summer Sewing 2019

I’ve spent the summer involved in a bunch of quilt-alongs and have been very active sewing up all the blocks.


I dove into this sewalong on the day before it started. The 100 days ended earlier this week and I miss the daily Instagram postings. I believe a habit was instilled and I feel that something is missing each day since I don’t have a block to post.

This one is Christmas themed and I made a big huge mess with my Christmas fabrics making this one. Here come the group photos……This sewalong took a lot of planning as we did have to post each day on Instagram to be eligible for any prizes. I started out 2 weeks ahead in my sewing and I ended 2 weeks ahead but those in between times were sometimes a battle to be sure I had the block done and photographed on the proper posting day.

Turns out I have about 61 unique Christmas fabrics. My plan was to use each fabric at least once and make sure each block had red, green, and white in it to pull all those different fabrics together in the end.

I’ve pieced the top together but that reveal will be for a different day soon.

Summer Sampler 2019:

This one is a block a week type Sewalong and we just finished piecing all the blocks. The next post will be the finishing instructions and there is a circle setting that I’m planning on using to finish this quilt out.

The theme is Piecing Bootcamp and we were taught a different technique with each block and all blocks were designed by a different designer. I am using Ombré Confetti Metallic mixed with Tula Pink’s Fairy Dust fabric. Here are a few of my favorites – HSTs, Transparency, Inset seams, Circles, Y-Seams.This finish will be soon but it’s not there yet. My setting circle color is a dark blue chambray. I want the illusion of rainbows with denim and I think it will look fabulous!

Perfect HST Block of the Month:

I may have mentioned this one earlier in the year but we are now getting toward the end with a big star block coming up soon. I’ve been using Cotton + Steel Basics with a grey background. Here are my favorite blocks from this one.

Little Miss Sawtooth:

This one just started in September but I love what I’ve been able to get done so far. It’s low volume backgrounds with bursts of blue, teal, lavender, and pink.This is going to be so cute when it’s done.

So, what all this means is that I will be finishing, basting, quilting, binding, and photo-shooting my little heart out in the next few months. Lots of finishes coming up!

Happy Sewing and Crafting to you all as the final months before Christmas approach and that Holiday sewing needs to get finished.

One thought on “Summer Sewing 2019

  1. Valerie Avendano says:

    The Summer Sampler is the cutest – great fabric and gorgeous patterns! But, you know those green happy faces are my fave!!!

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