Color Me Happy!

My nephew is due to join this world in a few weeks.  It was about time to finish up some of the projects that I have in mind for the sweet boy and his momma.  First up were these burp cloths.  The pattern is a free one from Cloud 9 Fabrics.  There is no theme or color picked out yet so I did a little bit of everything.  Fun cotton prints on one side and soft flannel on the other.  So easy to put together and oh so useful.Then I finished (basted, quilted, and bound) the Crayola play quilt.  It so colorful and bright with super soft and cozy Minky on the back.The triangles on both the front and the back are the offcuts from the X blocks.  I randomly sewed them into pinwheels.  I hated to see them all go to waste so I used them throughout the quilt top and back.  I really like the look it created.It was so dark with just the green print that I added the low volume white blocks to lighten it up.  And I bought up every bit I could find of the x-plus fabric from the Best Day Ever line.  It’s such a great fabric for all the kids quilts that I’ll be making in the next few years.  And, I am now all out of the schoolhouse chalkboard fabric and can’t find it anywhere.  It was one on my favorites!

I echo quilted around each X and added vertical and horizontal lines every 2 1/2 inches.  Such great texture was created especially on that fabulous Minky!  It’s such a fun and soft quilt.The deep blue binding framed the whole piece perfectly!

Now I’m tackling my very first Divided Basket by Noodlehead.  Let’s see how much more baby decor and quilts I can get done before the baby arrives.  Time is a tickin…………

Christmas Stash Enhancement

Christmas usually ends with more fabric and accessories being added to my stash.  This year was no exception. We’ll start off with the prettiest bundle ever!This Cotton + Steel Basics 40 piece fat quarter bundle is so versatile.  It’s even got metallic accents on some of the pieces.  And it’s super pretty and I love looking at it.  It will be put to great use throughout the next year.

The rest of my sewing presents included a bunch of notions:  blades, rulers, and other accessories that will be very useful.I also got a box of Aurifil thread from the Basics collection.  My Singer machine seems to like it better than what I normally use.  I’ll need to put that thought to the test soon.

A Project Bag:

Before all that gift getting happened, I put together this last minute gift for my mom.  A project bag for her cross-stitch or knitting projects.  I found the pattern here on Craftsy.  It’s a bit larger than I had anticipated – I made the Medium size – so I may also make her a few smaller ones for her upcoming birthday in February.Christmas was big success.  Especially on the ‘giving’ side of it, which is my favorite part.

New year is coming up with plenty of new projects on the horizon where all those new notions will be put to use.

Happy Sewing!  I’ll just leave you with this awesome sign I got from my mom.

UFO Invasion

There has been a severe UFO invasion at my house.  It’s insane how many in-progress projects that I have right now.

  1. Wonky Cross Quilt:  This one has been hanging around my sewing room for a number of months waiting to be basted.It will be late for my friend’s October birthday.
  2. Wine Table Runner:  This one is basted and ready to be quilted but quilting has not yet occurred…..It’s for a November birthday so I need to get this one done and mailed out.
  3. Christmas Wall Hanging:  This one is for me but should still be done by the time Christmas Decorations go up!I’m going to place them horizontally and add the words ‘Joy’, ‘Peace’, and ‘Noel’ underneath. It should be fabulous!
  4. Big Ole Pillow:  I created this from the offcuts of the heart blocks from the Orlando donation quilt that I made.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it but then I found this big ole pillow insert that is perfect.  A pillow it will be.
  5. Turkey Sausage:  My Mom brought over the Turkey Sausage cross-stitch for me to make into a wall hanging.
  6. Stacked Squares:  I need to baste and quilt the Stacked Squares quilt for my Dad.The backing is finished and ready to go.  It’s a Christmas gift so I need to get moving.  The quilting plan is random meandering squares which should give it exactly the finish it needs.

I did make a couple of quick projects.  I moved from a cubicle into an office at the end of last week and it is beige and beige-grey and grey-beige.  The room is just screaming for color of any kind.  So, I made a mug rug and a snack bowl for my desk.  The inside of the snack bowl is laminated cotton so I can wipe away any crumbs.

Well, it appears that I have a lot to do…….

Happy Sewing!

    Peanuts for Christmas

    A few weeks back I teased this Peanuts fabric:  One of the directors at work is a Peanuts fanatic.  We have worked togther for 15 years now and with the Peanuts movie out I was really inspired to make something for her for Christmas.  I decided on the Sew Together Bag as it is one of my favorites.  I actually get faster with each time that I make it.

    I also got this selection of fabrics that I wanted to to use for the outside panel of the bag.  I chose two of the blocks from the top panel and designed around those until I came up with this.  I am a bit annoyed at the crookedness of Lucy but it is staying that way.  I just made that the back of the bag.  I used the blues and words for the inside of the bag and coordinated the zippers to match everything else.    The row of Peanuts characters just had to be on the outside of the bag so you can see them when the bag is expanded and I used the Charlie Brown shirt stripe as the binding.Shes going to love it!  And I made her a keychain as an additional little gift. 

    I have other friends that love Peanuts so I made them each a Wide-Open Pouch and a keychain. I believe that concludes my Holiday sewing other than for gift bags, which I may use to put some of these Handmade Holiday gifts in.


    Small and Mighty

    I’ve been making lots of little things that I thought I would share with you.

    First is these triangle pouches.  They are very simple to make.  I used a tutorial by A Spoonful of Sugar Designs.  It was very simple to follow and the results are great.  The orange one was my tester and that is currently holding my safety pins.  The black one is my favorite.  I used a cut-off of the zipper for the hold tab with is perfect for my nephew.  Now I just need to find some guitar picks to put in it for him.  The other two are for my nieces.

    Second up is this Pineapple Mini.   A guild mate received a version during our Paint Chip challenge swap and I just loved it.  The company I work for has the pineapple as one of their logos.  I’ve been there 16 years so I knew I had to have this pattern.  It is a free one by Dear Stella.  Super easy to put together.

    I used a peculiar fabric for the back.  My company’s main logo was put on tabletop textiles and sold to the public.  At a recent visit to one of our outlet stores, I came across these items in the deep discount area.  I picked up a long table runner with the thought that I could cut it up and use in a work-related t-shirt quilt.  I used the same fabric for the binding. 

    Third up are these fabulous gift bags!  I picked up some Christmas fabric and ribbon during Joann’s Black Friday sale since they started early on Tuesday.  I just couldn’t pass up 70% off especially since this was going to be my main use for that fabric.  A blog post I came across stated that they are addicting to make and she was right. They really are.  The pattern is the Lined Drawstring Bag by In Color Order.  I can see me using this pattern throughout the year for all kinds of gifts.

    I made a larger one by just adding 3″ to each side of the item I wanted I wanted to put in the bag.  It worked out really well.  I didn’t add interfacing to this one so its a bit more floppy than the little ones.  More of these bags will be made for this holiday – ahem….more already have – as they are very simple to make.  All my main present sewing is done so this will be my focus for now.

    Tree is up, presents are bought, bags are being sewn.  Perfect way to begin the holiday.  Enjoy!

    Handmade with a Cause

    I’ve been busily creating gifts for friends and family but I’ve also been making for those close to those I love. Cancer took one of my old friends earlier this year and left his family without their bread-winner and lots of medical debt.  To help ease a small bit of the burden I reached out to his widow and asked if she needed anything for the holidays.  I also asked if she needed anything for the kids.  She replied with different things that the kids were interested in so that gave me a good starting point.

    But first I had to make something just for her.  I’m sure her daughter will end up with it but it’s the thought that counts, right? I chose the ever popular Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented.  I went with a butterfly theme in cerise and grey.  That crosshatch is from the Reel Time line by Zen Chic and I think I need tons of it in my stash.  I used a butterfly print inside the pockets with grey and cerise for the bag linings.  For her son, a Batman loving soul, I chose the Lego Batman pattern by Kristy of Quiet Play.  I also downloaded Robin.  Both are free patterns on Craftsy.  Just Batman by himself looks awesome.  Then I added Robin and a free Batman symbol from Fandom in Stitches to make a long pillow.   It looks wonderful with the Batman sleeping bag that I got at a super good price at a local Pottery Barn outlet store.  For her daughter I am thinking along the lines of fairies and dragonflies.  It’s all still brewing in my head.

    In the meantime, I have this fabulousness that will become another Sew Together Bag. 

    Peanuts!!!    I found it all at an Etsy shop called Warm Kitty Quilts.  Delivery was super fast so I was able to make this sweet key fob after I finished the Batman pillow.  

    More Handmade Holiday

    Handmade Holiday continues around here in so many different forms.

    Birds and the Bees Placemats:

    As I mentioned in my last post, my step-mom fell in love with my Birds & the Bees quilt. It’s a yellow, grey, and black beauty that she gravitates toward each time they stay over.  I had some triangles left over from making that quilt and decided that she needed some placemats to brighten up her table.  I had 47 triangles remaining (I think I over-cut just a little bit) but I still had to cut one additional triangle in order to split those evenly into 4 placemats.

    Once sewn into 2 rows they did not quite fit a standard placemat size so I just added side and bottom strips as needed to get it up to size (14×18).  I completed one and then took the same design to the other three.  Wavy quilting for the win!  The density really helps them lay flat on the table.  I backed them in the same fabric I used to back the quilt.  It’s a bird print from JoAnn’s. 

     She’s going to love them!  Now I am on the search for some awesome napkin rings to go with them.

    Large Trail Tote:

    I, once again, pulled out the pattern for the Trail Tote.  But this time I decided to make the large size.  My mom loved the two small totes I made for my step-sisters but mentioned that she would like something that her iPad would fit in.  She was not a fan of the 241 tote that I shared last week so I hope she’ll like this one.  The fabric is from JoAnn’s but it shimmers really prettily.  I used a paw print fabric as the accent pocket inside the bag.  She’ll love that little bit of whimsy for the dogs that she adores. And I just love this Tim Holtz music fabric. 

     Stash for Holiday projects:
    The placemats I made earlier were not the plan when I entered my sewing space.  I was planning on making some for my brother. But I could not decide on a good base fabric.  I found one I thought would work but didn’t have enough.  So I popped over to Etsy to see if I could find some more.  At a shop called Stitches ‘n Giggles, I found the fabric and wonderful prices.

    The fabric is Reel Time – Lenses in Slate by Zen Chic.  While there I also found the Sports Column Concrete print from the Varsity line by Sweetwater.  My brother is a sports analyst so it is perfect.  It will probably be used in a pouch of some sort rather than the placemats.  I would use this together with the Reel Time fabric for the placemats but the greys don’t play well together. I couldn’t pass up this Graph Paper fabric.  So simple but so fabulous!  I believe it is from the Modern Minis line by Lori Holt.  Holly’s Tree Farm – The Forest….no explanation needed.  It was a must-buy.  I’m having a ball making all these gifts.  There is so much enjoyment in creating that I’m basically giving myself a gift as well.  Still more to come….I’m on a roll….