#loristrinketquilt Finale

I was able to put all the finishing touches on my Trinket Quilt. You can see my earlier progress here and here. This quilt was the result of the Alison Glass sew-along that was held earlier this spring. I made all 40 blocks twice – one with a light background and one with a dark background. This is an alternate layout that I designed in Electric Quilt 8.It turned out way better than I had anticipated.

I usually don’t know how I’m going to quilt something until I put it under the needle and this was no exception. I decided to diagonal quilt through the on point blocks and frame the square ones with some denser quilting. The trinket blocks I left unquilted so they pop a little bit.Now I will admit I was running out of the dark charcoal fabric so added the lighter grey on the binding (as well as the offcuts from squaring the quilt up) and was left with about 5 inches (which is all of the AG charcoal colorway that I have leftover from this project.)Let’s talk about the backing. I adore a pieced back and so I took my trinket scraps and improv pieced them. Then I took those improv rectangles and framed them in all the darker Alison Glass fabrics that I had left. The extra tie block is my label for this quilt.Time to wash it up and put it to use.Though is looks like someone is already putting it to use.

Spring Blooms

I have a lot of projects happening right now but I am super happy to have this Spring table runner finished and on my table!It was put on hold because I ran out of thread while quilting it. I made a point to pick some up at QuiltCon last month and finally put my Trinket Quilt (which you can see here…Trinket Progess) aside to finish up a few things. This table runner was toward the top of that list. I only had two small areas left to quilt before I went looking for a good binding fabric.This particular choice was something I had picked out before I ran out of thread and had put aside, but in view, for when I was ready to bind. I starting trying to decide what fabric I should use when my eye fell on this one and I was so pleased with my forethought as this piece is perfect!

Now let’s talk about the quilting for a second. This is the back of one block and I love how it turned out with this variegated Aurifil thread that I used for the appliqué and I had to use that same design throughout the piece which I was able to do using my walking foot.I love the happy feeling of this runner. I got the pattern inspiration from the Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson. I used the Petal unit for the center and combined it with the Plus One Block. There are so many different combos that you can create using this book and Amy makes it so easy to do so.

The Blueberry Park fabric fulfills my need for happy spring and summer colors. I had the backing fabric in my stash and it pulled it all together beautifully.I love this runner! What happy spring projects are you working on?

Bearing Gifts

I started this blog to pull together my two crafty loves – quilting and cross-stitch. And this impromptu Christmas project combines them perfectly!I’d come across the completed cross-stitch (Santa 02 by Lizzie Kate) in my gift closet and wanted to make something with it that was not just a normal framed piece so I thought I would frame it with fabric and make a mini wall quilt. This Santa is just the cutest!I first added the Confetti Star quilt block (by During Quiet Time) to each side of Santa and I loved it but it was a little small and needed more.It grew from there into a 22″ Pillow by adding the Present blocks to the corners to represent the gifts. I drew up a little design – instead of googling a pattern like I normally do – and made it exactly the size I needed. Yay me! Regular piecing on the present itself and I paper-pieced the bow section so I didn’t have to do math on those angles.I let the piece tell me what kind of quilting it needed and it said that the stars needed some green variegated just inside the seams and the ribbon on the presents needed the same type of quilting treatment. I really love how it all came together.The back is, of course, a jolly man bearing gifts.I’m super happy that inspiration hit and this fabulous pillow came to life. It looks awesome with a few of my other Christmas pillows (which wouldn’t be a full and complete look without Santa Dopey keeping watch.)

Ironing Station – IKEA hack

I am so excited about finishing my new ironing station.  I had previously posted about an ironing station that was in progress using an IKEA tv stand.  It is the BESTA TV bench with doors.I needed just a little more height so I added some galvanized plumbing fixtures to get the look that I wanted between the TV bench and the plywood.  It adds a little industrial feel to it and if there is a galvanized anything in the store then I will probably have it in my hands.  Galvanized is my favorite color.I covered the plywood with 4 layers of batting before covering it with the best ironing board fabric ever…..Unfortunately, this print is from Hancock’s Fabrics and I bought it quite a while back so I don’t believe it’s available anymore.  But, it’s perfect for this project.  Just so perfect!I moved this baby into my sewing space and filled it up with fabric storage.  My new favorite storage boxes are from The Container Store.  These small clear boxes fit fat quarters and charm squares perfectly.They look awesome in their new space.  I also used Tall Shoe Boxes for larger cuts of fabric and the regular shoes boxes for ongoing projects.I haven’t ironed anything on it yet but am excited to do so soon.  I love all this organization but hope I remember where everything is.  The clear boxes should help out with that problem.

Jasper has completed his quality assurance inspection and it appears to have passed with flying colors.

Snow Day Sewing

My area of the country was threatened with 5 to 7 inches of snow for Friday so most of the area, after they cleaned out the grocery stores on Thursday, stayed home.  I did not hit the grocery store but I was one of those preparing my mind for shoveling the walkway and taking awesome quilt photos in the snow.   Like this lovely Checker block from the Beehive Quilt block series.  This is for the January Queen who wanted all solids that were reminiscent of sea glass. Well, I only got about one inch of snow and it only covered the grass in the yard and nothing stuck to the walkways or the roads.  So, I really could have gotten to and from work instead of bringing my lap top home.  So, after I did a little bit of work stuff I was able to start my Snow Day sewing.  

I had started a table runner last week and it was a bit large for that purpose so it is now going to be a quilt. My initial fabric pull consisted of this combination of navy and pistachio green.  Since I decided to change this into a quilt I made another fabric pull that consisted of aqua and purple inspired by that Kate Spain fabric on the top left.   I’m planning on doing each section inspired by two color stories and using the same Checker block that I showed earlier in this post. The first two sections look fab together!  I’m looking forward to getting this one finished.  I’ve got three more sections currently in the works and all the fabrics are entirely from my stash!  I may have to replace the white with grey low volumes since I believe I will be using all I currently have.

Speaking of Stash:

The last of my Christmas fabric shopping arrived recently from The Intrepid Thread.  I love this black and white selection.  These pretties have already made it into some projects:  I’ve got some wide backing coming soon from Massdrop so I hope to have another quilt finished sooner rather than later.  I hope all that are snowbound are getting some awesome Snow Day sewing done!


Sewcation 2015

I take a week off each year before it gets a bit crazy at work and concentrate on doing things around the house.  So, of course, it usually contains a bit of sewing and some home organization.  This year was no exception.  I got off to a slow start but finally got my sewing machine moving and got a lot done.

Christmas Mini Quilt Swap 2015:

Once I finished the Text Me Mini Quilt Swap quilt, I moved on to the next one on my list.  The Christmas Mini Swap isn’t due until early November but I got motivated to start it and looked at my partner’s likes and dislikes.  I also pulled up the Pinterest account to get an idea of what direction to go with this mini.  I pulled some Christmasy greens and got started on a wreath-like pattern.  The center star pattern was found at Lily’s Quilts and is called the ET Phone Home block.  I added the holly fabric where the pattern calls for the background print as it made it appear more wreath-like to me.  I then added the side pieces and then the corner triangles to finish it off.  I bound in a red dot and it is finished!  I actually may add some red beads to the medium triangle area to give more of a holly appearance.  But, I love it either way.

Christmas Stockings:

I was commissioned, really early in the year, to make 3 stockings to be complete by this upcoming Christmas.  During the year the count increased to 4 as this young family was now expecting their second child.  That lovely child was born just 2 weeks ago.  The mother gave me a photo to go by but wanted first name initials as the centerpiece of the stocking fronts.  For the initials I used the Lower case ABCs paper piecing pattern by Diane Bohn of ‘from blank pages’.

I found a free stocking template at Craftaholics Anonymous.  And it was perfect!  I straight-line quilted following the lines on the green fabric and continued that into the red and poinsettia prints.  I really like the cross-hatch it gives at the sides of the stockings.

It was incredibly satisfying completing these stockings as I have never made any prior to this.  They turned out adorable and I hope the family loves them.

 Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap Round 4:

I also decided to work on another swap project that is due in early November.  I stalked my partner’s Instagram account and looked again and again at the likes and dislikes on my assignment email.  I had previously downloaded a paper-piecing pattern called Striped Star by Kristy of Quiet Play.  I wanted to play around with that pattern with colors that my partner likes.  I ended up with this:01db19881ac7ba58954a6610bc169e00673e43d548 I just LOVE it!  I failed to take progress pics which is probably good since I hated the first try before I moved to putting the Shuffle fabric (by Riley Blake Designs – after Googling I found some here) in all sections and not just the corners.  I added the 1/4″ text border around the star and then extended the Shuffle fabric outwards.  I was so inspired that I completed the back and got this mini quilted and bound before the day was done.014a6f2272652a942dffb3e9c678de52ed4b5fa283What that means is that I have completed all of the swap quilts that I have through the end of the year.  This will give me time to work on Christmas gifts.  I believe I have a few bags and some pillow shams to make…..

Random Roundup #10

I’ve been tackling, starting, stopping, finishing, planning, and buying fabric for a myriad of projects.  This is not an uncommon occurrence by any means so let me show you what I’ve been doing….

Beehive Block:

The July Queen Bee chose a Spinwheel block with very specific color placement in bright, cheery, summery colors.  It was a blast picking out the fabrics and getting her approval on those chosen.  It turned out exactly as she wanted and I love that!Spinwheel July

Broadway Mini Quilt Swap:

I put the finishing touches on the Broadway Mini Quilt Swap quilt which is based on the musical ‘Into The Woods’.  It was one of many that my partner chose in the favorite musical question.  I made sure to watch all the ones I could that were on the list given and this one really spoke to me.  The main focus of it is the search for 4 items that need to be given to a witch to release a curse on a family.  I wanted to incorporate those items into my mini.  Part of what I like about participating in these swaps is needing to think outside of the norm to get to the end result that you want.  I wanted to try something new so I decided to do some improvisational curves to represent each of the 4 items.  broadway mini Into the WoodsThe four items are a Red cape, milk from a White cow, a Golden slipper, and a strand of hair Yellow as corn silk.  The ‘I Wish’ quote is a continuous theme throughout the musical.  I added the musical note fabric as a nod to the genre and binding it in the red really brings the whole piece together.  The Red Riding Hood fabric was perfect for this one.

I used the Riding Hood fabric on the back intermixed with the four main colors from the front.  Organic wavy quilting just brought it all together.  I also included a sweet keychain as a small extra.

into the woods backowl keychainI get the hardware from a shop called Everything Ribbons.  They also have this fabulous pair of pliers!  They are absolutely perfect for making these keychains and I’m glad I picked them up last time I ordered webbing and key fob hardware.

Key Fob Hardware Pliers Tool - SEE COUPON

It’s in the mail and I hope my partner really loves it.  Posting the finished project here will not give away my partner as I have seen a few on the Instagram feed with this musical as the star.  I should be receiving mine soon and will share once I get it.  Go and check out the Instagram feed on the #broadwayminiquiltswap hashtag to see all the goodness that is being created.

Christmas in August??

I’m also working on a commissioned project of 4 Christmas stockings.  She sent me a picture of what she had in mind and stated she wanted them to have the first initials on them.  I already had a pattern of letters that I could paper piece for the initials.  It is lowercase abc’s by Diane Bohn.  I put those together first since they are to be the star and then I processed outwards from there.  Here’s where I’m at right now.01fb4e01b2bfea93d4f1666d1bee403e4bb097d715 01479717954e29d8a4d471dd95dcf31f7b2f4dd2ecI need to add at least 2 more rows on the top and bottom to create the heel and toe and to make the stocking fronts complete.  The next row will be a thick one of the holly and gold fabric.  All of this fabric was bought after Christmas at a great deal from JoAnn’s earlier in the year.  I actually bought a ton of the red/gold dot (who doesn’t love a great dot fabric) and I picked up a lot of that green/gold stripe because I think it would make great binding fabric for a ton of different projects.

Stash Enhancement:

There was recently a city-wide sidewalk sale nearby and one of the local quilting shops participated by clearing out some older lines to make way for some new ones.  I picked up a few Charm Packs of Beach House and a jelly roll of Navy Bella Solids.Beach House charmsThere are some great prints in that pack and the navy solids will be great as sashing or adding some solids into a few upcoming projects.

I also grabbed a few end of bolt deals:015152c272f17b1b9f6acd1a62cb8a29acd3623669

Havana by Monaluna, Grunge by Basic Grey, and Beechwood Park by Jenean Morrison – then 2wenty Thr3e by Cosmo Cricket.

I’m thinking backings for mini quilts or bag linings or baby quilts.  They were fabulous finds!

twenty threeI also recently got some Christmas fabric.  I’m gearing up for the Christmas Mini quilt swap that I am in and any other small gifts I could come up with.  The Woody wagons from Holly’s Tree Farm, the deer, the washi tape, and the snowglobes…..how could I resist?  Christmas fabrics