Summer Sewing 2019

I’ve spent the summer involved in a bunch of quilt-alongs and have been very active sewing up all the blocks.


I dove into this sewalong on the day before it started. The 100 days ended earlier this week and I miss the daily Instagram postings. I believe a habit was instilled and I feel that something is missing each day since I don’t have a block to post.

This one is Christmas themed and I made a big huge mess with my Christmas fabrics making this one. Here come the group photos……This sewalong took a lot of planning as we did have to post each day on Instagram to be eligible for any prizes. I started out 2 weeks ahead in my sewing and I ended 2 weeks ahead but those in between times were sometimes a battle to be sure I had the block done and photographed on the proper posting day.

Turns out I have about 61 unique Christmas fabrics. My plan was to use each fabric at least once and make sure each block had red, green, and white in it to pull all those different fabrics together in the end.

I’ve pieced the top together but that reveal will be for a different day soon.

Summer Sampler 2019:

This one is a block a week type Sewalong and we just finished piecing all the blocks. The next post will be the finishing instructions and there is a circle setting that I’m planning on using to finish this quilt out.

The theme is Piecing Bootcamp and we were taught a different technique with each block and all blocks were designed by a different designer. I am using Ombré Confetti Metallic mixed with Tula Pink’s Fairy Dust fabric. Here are a few of my favorites – HSTs, Transparency, Inset seams, Circles, Y-Seams.This finish will be soon but it’s not there yet. My setting circle color is a dark blue chambray. I want the illusion of rainbows with denim and I think it will look fabulous!

Perfect HST Block of the Month:

I may have mentioned this one earlier in the year but we are now getting toward the end with a big star block coming up soon. I’ve been using Cotton + Steel Basics with a grey background. Here are my favorite blocks from this one.

Little Miss Sawtooth:

This one just started in September but I love what I’ve been able to get done so far. It’s low volume backgrounds with bursts of blue, teal, lavender, and pink.This is going to be so cute when it’s done.

So, what all this means is that I will be finishing, basting, quilting, binding, and photo-shooting my little heart out in the next few months. Lots of finishes coming up!

Happy Sewing and Crafting to you all as the final months before Christmas approach and that Holiday sewing needs to get finished.

Lori’s Epic Cat Quilt- Finale

Another finish is in the books (or on the couch, whatever). Yay! This quilt was made for my cats so they would stop snoozing (and shedding) on my other quilts. I’ll admit that it got a little out of hand as the original plan was a sweet scrappy cat themed quilt. I started looking for cat blocks and was going to use those and then some simple patchwork blocks using cat fabric. But, I went rainbow loco and I love it!Well, I found the perfect cat blocks to represent my two sweet kitties. The Geometric Cat pattern by Quiet Play in my cat’s colors was definitely the best way to start. The pattern is found in Issue 5 of Make Modern Magazine and I grabbed some scrappy prints and went to work.Say hello to Jasper and Gryffin. The next block I decided on was also by Quiet Play and is the Kitty paper pieced pattern. I wanted this one to be Geometric as well so I just drew lines at random spots to make it so. At this point is where I decided to just go all out rainbow so each block is a different color with a coordinating background fabric.The third block is – surprise – a Geometric Little Cat paper pieced block which was also designed by Kristy Lea of Quiet Play.Hey, let’s somehow attach them together. I know – Flying geese! Those are paper-pieced as well but the pattern by Quiet Play is currently not available due to an issue on Craftsy. I used the colors in the blocks for the geese but used the opposite color low volume for the background. I really like how they all turned out as they move back and forth to each block in the quilt.The backing was kind of what I thought the front would initially look like with all that cat themed fabric.I adore this binding of little cats peeking around. I probably should have gone a little darker on the binding but I really love this one.The cats are loving it! Jasper jumped up and fell asleep right away.That’s one more Work-in-Progress down. Time to pull another one out and finish that up. Happy Sewing!

Skating Through

I jumped on a daily special sale this week and picked up Vintage Christmas by Lori Holt and the patterns in it are fabulous! There are so many things that I need to make – yes I said need. The first one I chose to do was the Ice Skate Block for a pillow for my step-sister. She skated when we were kids and I have fond memories of hanging out at the ice rink while she practiced.I added the mitten blocks, which is another pattern in that book. One great thing about this book is that there are instructions for both 12″ and 6″ blocks so you can really choose what you want to do to make your design perfect for you.

I couldn’t decide how big I wanted this pillow to be so I played around with placement for a while and ended up adding another Ice Skate to the other side of the mittens. Well, it finally ended up at 14×36. I didn’t have that size form on hand so plan on ordering one tomorrow. I googled ‘pillow forms 30 inch long’ to find out the what sizes were available and that size was the closest to what I had already pieced. I added some borders to bring it up to fit the form. I quilted it in a cross-hatch pattern as I didn’t feel like it needed anything more than that.The backing is something I had on hand from Christmas’ past and worked perfectly with the colors on the skates.I enclosed it with a side zipper and cannot wait to get the form to put inside and make it all fluffy!

Now, the question is…should I keep this for next Christmas or send it as a ‘Just Because’ gift? It’s super cute and I hope she’ll love it!

Tree Table Topper

I’ve started my Christmas sewing and it was looking super festive on my cutting table this weekend.I had this plan in my head for a Christmas Tree table runner and I was inspired by a particular pattern as I was lounging on the couch under a Block of the Month quilt that I had made. The inspiration block just happened to be the December block and was a tree theme. I thought it would look awesome in red, green, and white and went digging through my sewing room for the pattern.

Turned out that it was from the Sugar Block Club from 2016 that Stitchery Dickory Dock had put on. I found the pattern, made some copies for paper piecing, and got some fabrics together that would work for my plan.I was already super happy with it at this point and knew I had to keep going. The plan was for 3 blocks with sashing to create a decent sized table runner. I had recently purchased a Christmas fabric that would work really well for some fussy cutting in between the sashing.The end result is so much better than I had envisioned.I bordered it in the snowflake fabric with a small red border in between and it just brings the whole thing together. I quilted 1″ spaced lines in a V shape from the outside to the center snowflake.I had the perfect amount of this Christmas Tree fabric in my stash to use for the backing and you just can’t go wrong with a polka dot binding.Now, I need to decide if I need to keep it or if it can be gifted in one way or another. I have a few more Christmas sewing ideas in mind so I may just wait until I have everything done before I decide it’s fate.

I’ve also decided that I need to use this pattern to make a large Christmas quilt and have already put some fabric aside to do so. I really love it!I hope everyone is having as much fun prepping for the holidays as I am. Happy Sewing!

Pretty Pouch Panels

My Christmas sewing is off to a good start with some Wide-Open Pouches, by Noodlehead Designs, in the works. I found a bunch of Disney fabrics at JoAnn’s Fabrics to use as the bottom section of the pouch exteriors. I’m also using a free pattern off of Craftsy – Rainbow Rays – for the top part of the pouches. I’m attempting to pull colors off the Disney prints to use in the top section. Matching up those fabrics is actually my favorite part.I want to quilt the panels but I was out of Fusible fleece so I’ve only got the exteriors done but they look amazing and my next step (after quilting) is to find matching zippers from my stash.I picked up some Disney movie poster fabric to use as the interiors and I’m hoping to get them all together pretty soon and mark them off the list.

Christmas sewing is my favorite type of sewing. How about you?

I have lots of projects in the works and in my head and hope I can a few of them done in the next 2 months. Happy Sewing!

A Friendly Forest

My quilt guild donates baby quilts to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital each year.  This event doesn’t occur until late summer but I like to have a few ready to go.  The first one for this year is made using a charm pack of Forest Friendzy.  The little owls are so adorable.  I used every bit of the Charm Pack and the sashing is from a jelly roll I had of Moda Bella Solids in Navy.  The colors are so vibrant and fun and I loved working with them. I used a solid orange binding with a little bit of green added and I’m glad I did as I think it lightens up the darkness of all that navy.  I quilted it using a variegated brown and backed with a mint and brown flannel dot print that was in my stash.  The flannel is soft and snuggly and worked really well with the colors on the front. It’s such a cute little quilt and I cannot wait to donate it to this fabulous hospital.

At my last guild meeting they handed out some fabric that we could use for one of these baby quilts so that should be the next one I work on.  It will be fun to see what each member of the group comes up with.  Everyone in the guild is incredibly creative but our styles are all a little different.  All the different mushroom quilts should make for a fabulous show and tell. I’ve got a couple of ideas and I really like the blue prints.  This line is a bit retro and is slightly out of what I am attracted to but I love the challenge of the whole thing. 

March Goals:

I’ve got a few goals for March that I think I should be able to accomplish.

  1. Baste, quilt, and bind the Wavelength quilt – I’ve got everything I need to get this done.
  2. Baste, quilt, and bind the 2012 Crafsty Block of the Month quilt – it’s such a fun design and I adore the fabric I used for it – I have everything I need for this one, too.
  3. Mushroom Baby quilt – nothing is done yet for this.  😊
  4. Go through my stash and give any fabrics that I no longer like to a friend who is just starting to sew.  Use same stash and batting scraps to make small quilt sandwiches to practice free-motion quilting.

I’m going to stop there as I know how I am and don’t want to overdo it.  But, I do want to get a lot done before vacations start revving up in late spring and into the summer.

    Snow Day Sewing

    My area of the country was threatened with 5 to 7 inches of snow for Friday so most of the area, after they cleaned out the grocery stores on Thursday, stayed home.  I did not hit the grocery store but I was one of those preparing my mind for shoveling the walkway and taking awesome quilt photos in the snow.   Like this lovely Checker block from the Beehive Quilt block series.  This is for the January Queen who wanted all solids that were reminiscent of sea glass. Well, I only got about one inch of snow and it only covered the grass in the yard and nothing stuck to the walkways or the roads.  So, I really could have gotten to and from work instead of bringing my lap top home.  So, after I did a little bit of work stuff I was able to start my Snow Day sewing.  

    I had started a table runner last week and it was a bit large for that purpose so it is now going to be a quilt. My initial fabric pull consisted of this combination of navy and pistachio green.  Since I decided to change this into a quilt I made another fabric pull that consisted of aqua and purple inspired by that Kate Spain fabric on the top left.   I’m planning on doing each section inspired by two color stories and using the same Checker block that I showed earlier in this post. The first two sections look fab together!  I’m looking forward to getting this one finished.  I’ve got three more sections currently in the works and all the fabrics are entirely from my stash!  I may have to replace the white with grey low volumes since I believe I will be using all I currently have.

    Speaking of Stash:

    The last of my Christmas fabric shopping arrived recently from The Intrepid Thread.  I love this black and white selection.  These pretties have already made it into some projects:  I’ve got some wide backing coming soon from Massdrop so I hope to have another quilt finished sooner rather than later.  I hope all that are snowbound are getting some awesome Snow Day sewing done!