Fit for a Queen

I have been working and working and working on my Teal Fizz quilt.  I decided that I need it to fit my bed so I continued to cut and cut and cut and sew and sew and sew.  My plan was 90″ x 108″ to fit my queen size bed and I got it to about 84×84 and went to try it out.Perfect amount of overhang on all sides!  I never cover up the pillows with my bedcovering so I don’t need it any longer than it currently is. I was so happy that I did not need to cut any more blocks. And it looks awesome!  I’m so happy with the result.

On the downside,  now I need to make a backing that is slightly larger than that.  I have this plan using solids and incorporating some scraps from the front.  The plan in my head is not turning out in the fabric but I think it will look great once done.  I’m okay with making adjustments on the fly.  And that is what’s great about pieced backings.  They lend themselves to improv type piecing and are very adaptable.

This strip is going to be lengthwise somewhere on the back.  So, it will be solids, this pieced strip, and the bee blocks that did not make the cut for the front of the quilt.  Some of the colors weren’t quite the right shade of teal and grey.  So, I did get a large bit of the backing complete. Love this pic of the prettiest trimmings ever!And then the quilt top in all its glory.OMG!  I love this so much!  I won’t have the chance to do any sewing on the machine this week so I hope you guy can pick up my slack.  But, I’ll get back to it as soon as I can.

Happy Sewing!

Teal Fizz

I pulled another old work-in-progress out of hiding and went about figuring out how I wanted to finish it.  The blocks are from The Beehive Quilts quilting bee that I took part in a few years back.  I had chosen the Fizzy Block as my block with teals and charcoal greys as my color choices.  My sample blocks showed the placement of the colors.The group was supposed to send 2 blocks to each member of the ‘hive’.  I actually did not receive all the blocks that I was supposed to receive but that is the chance you take signing up for this type of group.  So, I went to work making more blocks to get up to the quantity of 24 that was required of the bee.It was smaller than I wanted and didn’t give quite the punch that I was expecting.  I want those curves to really shine.  So, I cut out more blocks and more blocks and more blocks.Now, I’ve decided that I want to put it on my bed.  So, guess what?  I need to cut out even more blocks to get it to be a queen size quilt.  I think I’m now at about 48 of the 12″ blocks, in varying degrees of completion, with the possibility of more to come.  I may need at least 8 or 10 more.  Keep in mind that each block takes four sections of the large drunkards path block and I really am getting tired of cutting them out.  I also had to recut my template piece as it was getting a bit distorted in shape and was messing with my block sizing.  All this cutting is really digging into my teal and charcoal stash and I will be sad if it depletes too much more.

But, I do believe that it will be totally worth it when it’s done!  It’s already beginning to shine!

Stash Enhancement:

Well, I haven’t increased my teal or grey stash but recently got in the newest monthly Cotton + Steel Basics bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics.Not a teal or grey in the bunch but still a pretty sight to see.  I just love the metallics in this Basics collection.  They shimmer so bright and will add just the right amount of glitter to any project.

Happy Sewing!

Snow Day Sewing

My area of the country was threatened with 5 to 7 inches of snow for Friday so most of the area, after they cleaned out the grocery stores on Thursday, stayed home.  I did not hit the grocery store but I was one of those preparing my mind for shoveling the walkway and taking awesome quilt photos in the snow.   Like this lovely Checker block from the Beehive Quilt block series.  This is for the January Queen who wanted all solids that were reminiscent of sea glass. Well, I only got about one inch of snow and it only covered the grass in the yard and nothing stuck to the walkways or the roads.  So, I really could have gotten to and from work instead of bringing my lap top home.  So, after I did a little bit of work stuff I was able to start my Snow Day sewing.  

I had started a table runner last week and it was a bit large for that purpose so it is now going to be a quilt. My initial fabric pull consisted of this combination of navy and pistachio green.  Since I decided to change this into a quilt I made another fabric pull that consisted of aqua and purple inspired by that Kate Spain fabric on the top left.   I’m planning on doing each section inspired by two color stories and using the same Checker block that I showed earlier in this post. The first two sections look fab together!  I’m looking forward to getting this one finished.  I’ve got three more sections currently in the works and all the fabrics are entirely from my stash!  I may have to replace the white with grey low volumes since I believe I will be using all I currently have.

Speaking of Stash:

The last of my Christmas fabric shopping arrived recently from The Intrepid Thread.  I love this black and white selection.  These pretties have already made it into some projects:  I’ve got some wide backing coming soon from Massdrop so I hope to have another quilt finished sooner rather than later.  I hope all that are snowbound are getting some awesome Snow Day sewing done!


Beehive blocks #2

I made a few Beehive Blocks this week.  One is for the September Queen Bee and the other for the October one.  The September Queen in my Beehive swarm chose the Mineral block.  This one has lots of little half-square triangles to form the minerals and her color palette was mostly neutrals and blues with a hint of gold and orange.  She approved my fabric pull so I went to work cutting it all out.  It had lots of little squares that needed cutting and it took a lot of concentration making sure that I cut the right color in the right amount of squares.  Once everything was cut out it was actually pretty quick to put together.  I wasn’t sure about the low volume with the animals on it but now I think it looks pretty cool.  The selvedge states it is called ‘Nature Study.’  I can’t wait to see how her quilt turns out.

The October queen is me.  I have been sitting on a color palette for a few months now and have been waiting for the blocks to be released to see what block I would possibly choose for my aesthetic.  Well, it will come as no surprise to some of you what colors I chose.   

The Color Theory fabric on the top is my inspiration piece.  The teals and greys just look so great together. The Fizzy block got released in July and it has movement and circles.  It made it to the top of my short-list.  My sample block came out awesome! There was no need to look any further.  This was the one I wanted. I made a second block and it’s just going to be incredible when I get all my Bee blocks in the mail.  I cannot wait to get this top completed.  The lights and darks are gong to give it such incredible movement and interest.  I just love it! 

Birthday Stash:

My bestie sent me a gift certificate for the Intrepid Thread for my birthday last month and I finally got around to using it and picked up these wonderful Alison Glass prints.  (The charm squares were a sweet bonus they included in my package.) I bought those on a day where Julie was having a bundle daily deal so I also grabbed these beauties. It’s such a bright and happy collection of fabrics. 

Now that Fall has officially arrived I have the urge to make a new table runner for the living room in some great fall colors.  Maybe some pumpkins………

A Snail’s Pace

I was going through my stash recently to cut up fat quarters for the fat quarter swap we do at my guild (The Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild) meeting each month.  I came across these sweet snail and dragonfly prints and decided to keep them to make a baby quilt for upcoming baby showers and such.  I matched them to some Kona solids that I had from a great Craftsy sale a while back.  Those prints are from a 2010 line called Breeze for In The Beginning fabrics. I wanted to do an HST quilt of some kind so chose the 4 at a time method of cutting and sewing.  I cut 7″ squares then placed them right sides together and sewed a 1/4″ seam all around the edges.  Cut on the diagonal each direction and you end up with 4 sections 4 1/2″ square.  This method seems to be a bit more precise for me and I think I’ll need to find a chart of some kind to show what size square will get to what size final section.  This left me with a nice pile of pieces to iron and then decide how I wanted to place them.   Once I laid them out on the floor I got to rearranging and rearranging and rearranging and ended up here.  I’m still not sure but I definitely like where it’s going.  The heart part is really sweet.  I still may change up the 3 inside squares.  What do you guys think?  Should I keep those patterned squares or change them to more solids?

Prior to that sewing burst of energy, this happened:   Last weekend I hit my master bedroom closet with a vengeance and did a bit of purging. 

Why does anybody need this many empty show boxes in their closet?  I sure don’t – so to the recycle bin they went.  I did find 2 pairs of super awesome shoes though so it was a win-win.  I was also able to purge 2 bags of  clothes for donations and 2 large bags of garbage.  It was incredibly freeing to get rid of stuff that I don’t like and will never wear again or have actually never worn.  Now my closet is a happy place without shoeboxes and ill-fitting clothing all over the place.

Now, it’s time to get back to my other happy place and sew some pretties together.  I did get another bee block done.  This one is the Double Star block.  It came togther really quickly and I like how it looks.  The queen bee wanted navy, grey, gold, peach, cerise, aqua, text, and white.  I have a block in mind for my month but is one may be good too.  I’m waiting to see what else gets released before I make a final decision.  I’m glad I was able to get a later month as my queen bee month.  It’s giving me so many options of blocks to choose from.  They have also been a challenge as I have been pulling exclusively from stash.  But that has also been the fun part of this bee.  I like seeing what I can find in my stash to put together the perfect color combo for the queen.  I’m looking forward to next month’s selection on both color combo and block.

Beehive Blocks

Earlier this year I got involved in The Beehive Quilt Bee being hosted by Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts and Angie of Gnome Angel.  If you are not currently in any of the ‘swarms’ you can still play along and use any of the blocks from the free tutorials.  The quilts that I have seen on the #beehivequilts tag on Instagram are looking absolutely fabulous!  My month as Queen is October so I have plenty of time to pick a block – two new ones are released each month.  I already have my colors picked out but I’m waiting to see which block I choose before I divulge my selection to my swarm. The Bee Hive series

My favorite part of this bee is pulling the current month’s fabric that the queen for that month has chosen.  I’m pulling from my stash as much as possible.  Only one block is being made with that selection so it makes it that much more feasible to pull from what I already have on hand.

Here are the first month’s selections – what I initially pulled (and posted online for the queen’s selection and approval) then what I ended up using in the block.

  She wanted a stash buster with low volume for the ‘x’ and bright pops of color for the side and corners.  She loved this green when I first posted it so I knew I had to keep that one in the block.IMG_1048The next two month’s queens wanted the Houndstooth block.  One wanted bright orange with ivory and the other wanted a southwestern hue of peaches, mint, and low volume ivory.  I went with the larger flowers on peach but failed to get a finished photo of the block.FullSizeRender IMG_1204The next queen wanted the Wanta Fanta block in any colors we chose as a scrap busting choice with a white background.  I went with pinks, greens, and purple backed up by Mirror Dot in White.  You just can’t go wrong with Mirror Dots.01eadfc4010dc5536293feb1a402f8220bfd11ce64 014ce9366468ff4bba7b66c6b956e8a3d81558a647June’s queen also chose the Tic Tac Toe block but with turquoise, navy, and ivory for her colors.  I love how cool this one looks.01cf783dbd7ede2222b2d377e6091b6924bd592830The July queen just made her color selections and chose bright citrusy hues.  I sent her this photo and she approved this range for her Spinwheel block.01c18142bbc90733aa6c13f3e39f3d650563b4a2d1I tend to think that I have a good sense of color and how they will play with each other.  But, this bee has had me reach a little bit out of my normal choices and still come up with some fabulous combinations.  I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year holds and what the remaining color selections will be.