My Mini Sewcation

I normally take the entire week of my birthday off to just relax at home and sew my little heart out.  It didn’t quite work out that way this year but I was able to squeeze in a few days on the end of that week and got some sewing time in!

Quiet Play Mini Quilt Swap:

I finished up the mini quilt of the Geometric Mermaid.  I made a little adjustment and I love it so much better.I had the perfect clamshell fabric to use on the back that really pulled it all together.

Christmas sewing:

I stayed on the geometric theme and made two of the three panels that I want to use to make a Christmas wall hanging.  First up was the Geometric Christmas Tree.  I used fabrics from the JOL line for the background pieces and some of the interior.The second was the Geometric Reindeer and I did that one in shades of red.  Mirror Dots for the win as the antlers and hooves. 🙂

I’m also going to do the Geometric Sleigh in shades of silver and gold with a hint of red.  It should look really cool.  I can’t wait to finish this up and get it all together.

Sugar Block Club:

I got all caught up on my Sugar Block Club blocks.  I was a few months behind and I was glad to have the time to devote to them.  I just love this top one!  This palette is just so soothing.

Stacked Squares:

I finished the top of the Stacked Squares quilt and I think my dad will love it!I created the backing out of some left over golf fabric that I had on hand.  My dad lives on a golf course and I tend to make him golf themed items.  That has been a Dad gifting theme my whole life.  This quilt will only have a little bit of that theme on the back. 

Still To Do:

Baste many, many quilts – Stacked Squares, Wonky Cross, Triple Barnstar

Mini Quilts – 3 in progress.  One for my guild and the Christmas one for me and one my mom just added to my plate that she needs in early October for Halloween decorating

There is a lot to do……..Happy Sewing!


Mermaids or Unicorns?

I went full force making the Mermaid pattern for the Quiet Play Swap.

The pebble print from the Drawn line by Angela Walters is perfect for the background.This pile of mermaid parts became a gorgeous beauty once all pieced together.I’m trying to figure out what to put in the upper left corner.  More border or more flowers?  Should I hand stitch a shell?  Should I just rethink the whole corner/border situation?  I’m currently stuck so moved on to another project to clear my head. 

One Geometric Unicorn coming up!Okay, I’m loving how this one is coming along.  Now, I’m not sure if I want to stick with the the mermaid for the swap or just go with this fabulous unicorn.  I do have a plan for either option other than the swap so there will be no sewing time put to bad use around here.

While I contemplate my sewing world I can stare at these beautiful new additions to my stash.  A few short stacks from Sew Lux.  They are having a fat quarter grab bag clearance and I took my chances on a few colorways.  Blue:Grey (I love the darkest grey one):Red:Aqua – the flowery one on top is not really my style so I’ll have to figure out something for that one:Then I picked up this small bundle of Thicket to help boost my black and white print selection:A slightly productive week.  Now back to my day job after a three-day weekend to make sure nothing falls apart there.

Happy Sewing!

Random Roundup #17

It’s been a rough few weeks at work but I finally got a bit of sewing in today!  It was so great and so incredibly relaxing……

Quiet Play Mini Quilt Swap:

I’ve been without a swap for a little while but I could not turn down one that encompassed one of my very favorite pattern designers.  We are required to make a mini using one of Kristy Lea’s patterns.  She designs the most awesome geometric pieced patterns.  I immediately went to her online store – Quiet Play – and picked up a bunch of new patterns.  Did I mention that they are all foundation paper-pieced?  So incredible!I decided to work on the Geometric Mermaid first to see if that’s the direction I want to go.  My first color choice for her tail did not give enough contrast against the background that I really wanted to use.I changed gears a little bit and -boom! – there it was. The perfect colors – saturated and gorgeous!Now I love it and hope my partner will too!

Stash Enhancement:

I haven’t bought any new fabric in a while and have been needing to fill in the most recent gaps in my low volume white selection.  I’m not big on solids or tone on tone whites so I was looking for something else.  It’s a bit harder than it looks.  I was really looking to replace a text fabric that I adore from a line called ‘The Chalk Line’.  I could not find the black on white but did locate a white on grey online at Stash Fabrics.Then I checked out their sale section and found some of those low volumes that I was looking for.  (I’ve been dying to get that notebook print.)That wasn’t all I found – I loved these so they went into my cart as well.

I’m already looking forward to next weekend – a guaranteed 3-day weekend and free sewing time.  It’s going to be awesome!