Teal love

Many of you know of my love for teals and blues.  Last week I shared the in-progress pics of a sweet baby quilt made with my favorite hues – teals and blues. 

 I wasn’t sold on the placement of some of the triangles so I made a few adjustments and now I LOVE it!  The heart piece stands out a bit more and I made it more symmetrical and added more of the solids.  I did have to stop and get more yardage of those solids.  The dark blue in this photo is actually a deep teal and is just gorgeous.  Here’s a close-up of the sweet snails and dragonfly prints.  

 These prints would work for a boy or girl quilt which makes it pretty gender nuetral.  When finished it should be about 40″ square which is perfect for those new bundles of joy.

After that I took my teal love and placed it in the Rhoda Ruth Block Challenge.  The Robert Kaufman Quilting Blog – Swatch and Stitch – is hosting a fabric challenge using Kona solids or Essex linen.  Make the Genny and Ruth block using those fabrics and post on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #RhodaRuthBlockChallenge by the morning of August 31st.    Here’s my block of teals with a touch of grey.  I like how it shimmers.  Now I need to figure out what to do with it.  It could make a great throw pillow or I could build a whole quilt around it.  So many options……..

I also made myself a key fob using some teal scrap fabric.  I needed a new keychain for my new car!!!!  

 No white, black, grey, or tan cars for me.  It’s this really cool blue color which could be seen better if it hadn’t been overcast and rainy all day.  There’s lots of room in the back for fabric except now I have a car payment so I will be cutting back on those purchases for a little bit.

Before that purchase I was at JoAnn’s picking up the solids and I saw this sewing machine print that will be perfect for my ironing board.   Now I just need to find the perfect tutorial to get it done.  I think I already have one downloaded but I will have to double check that.


Fun and Games

A while back, I had purchased this Fun & Games fat quarter bundle with the intention that is was perfect for the charity quilts that my guild (The Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild) donates to LeBonhuer Children’s hospital here in Memphis.  It’s very gender-neutral and the colors are fabulous.  The prints contain yo-yos, dart boards, cogs wheels, spinners, and mazes.  It’s a super fun collection of fabrics.

I have also recently procured The Color Issue of ModBlock magazine by Missouri Quilt Company.  One of the designs really caught my eye – Noted by Alexia Abegg (@alexiastitches). I made my quilt so that it used 4 blocks across and 4 blocks down to make it infant sized.  I picked my 16 main fabrics and thought I would pair it up with some coordinating solids instead of just one low volume fabric.  That also meant that I could pull directly from my stash to complete this design! It turned out so great!  I love this design and will probably use it again in a different quilt.  It was so quick to put together as well.  I love the contained scrappiness of it.  I’m very happy with the solids and that teal really brings it all together.   I used a scrappy binding and quilted it using echo straight line quilting which I did diagonally and between each block with a tan thread color.  I made a pieced backing using most of the remaining fabric from that bundle and I even remembered to put on a label!  I’m always forgetting about the label and normally have to find a way to add it in later.  I am also super pleased with how my binding turned out and I love seeing how my skills are improving in that area.       I love that multi-colored cogs wheel print!  This 48×48 quilt goes in the stack for LeBonheur Children’s hospital.  We’re planning on donating to the infant ward in the fall.  This will be our second time doing so and it is so fulfilling knowing that these quilts are going to very deserving children and their families.

Stash Enhancement:

Thank you Massdrop.com for this fabulous bundle of loveliness!  Michael Miller Basics in Bloom was such a great deal and they have another drop happening right now in case you are interested.  There are three other colorways to choose from (Neutral, Crayon, and Ocean).  It took a lot of thought and some eeny-meeny-miney-moe to decide on this colorway.  I loved them all!

Those will be fabulous blenders for a multitude of projects if I ever take them out of that pretty bundle. 🙂  I really should remove them and see what else I can pair some of these colors up with.  I’m looking forward to using these in some future projects.


A Solid Start

A friend of mine from high school was the first of our group to have children and her eldest daughter will be graduating from high school this month.  Now, that cannot be true because we met in high school so there is no way that she has a child that is older than we were when we met.  Crazy!

Look at this child.  She is not graduating high school – she’s just a darling little girl…. 

What a sweetheart!

 Well, I am making that child a Sew Together Bag to use as she embarks on her adult life.  She wants to audition to be Belle on Disney Cruise Lines and do that for a little while.  She’d be great and I hope she is able to accomplish that goal.  She is still determining what she wants to do after graduation and I hope she finds something she loves and goes for it with all her heart.

The fabric pull for her bag looked like this: Her completed bag looks like this:    I love the ‘Be Happy’ fussy cut appliqué on the front.  That is exactly what I wish for her future.

I lined one of the pockets with laminated cotton so she can use it for make-up if she chooses.   The zipper pull was included with my order of zippers from Zip-It.  If you need zippers you need to order from this shop.  The service is fast, the selection is broad, the prices are fabulous, and they have always included a color card and zipper pull with every order I’ve received.  That zipper pull was absolutely perfect for this bag.  

I have another Sew Together Bag in the works.  My future sister-in-law is moving to the states from the UK and I have the exterior of her bag ready.  I think the minimalist approach of this exterior will be perfect for her.  I hope she’ll love it!

Stash Enhancement – the Solid Edition:

I’m trying to add some solids to my repertoire because I do love how they look in quilts that I have seen.  I tend to lean toward blenders or tone-on-tone fabrics when I need to add some color to my designs.  (Ex: the gray fabric pictured above.  😊). Lately, anytime I am in JoAnn Fabrics I will take a look through the remnant bin and have been coming across some Kona Solids.  The remnants are always 50% off the current sale price of that item so it is quite the deal.  I now have these three in my stash:  Pool, Buttercup Yellow, and Tangerine.  They are such beautiful and vibrant colors.  All are just a bit under a full yard. 

I have also added a few Kona Solids from a recent Craftsy sale.  They are sold as backing fabrics for some kits they were selling.  So, I do not know the actual color name.  The lighter one is called ‘Breakers’ and no color name is listed for the darker teal.  All I know is that I find these colors very appealing and I had to have them!  Also during that sale, I ordered a Free Spirit assorted fat quarter box.  About a third of the box was these very muted florals that I may never use (all were from the same line as well), a third included some great modern prints that I will show in another post, and a third included some solids.  All but the two blue ones came from that box.  It’s a nice array of colors.  The two blue ones came from a Scrap pack that I got at The Intrepid Thread when I visited a few weeks back.  (I didn’t see them on the website so the scrap packs might just be available in store.)  Now I need to decide how I want to start incorporating these solids into my quilts or other projects.  This will be a challenge for me but I feel that as I get more confident with my quilting then I will feel more comfortable adding these solids in.  

Any suggestions on how I can get started with that?