Designer’s Block

So, last week I got a new computer. And I’m super excited that it takes less than 15 minutes to boot up and that it doesn’t shut down or freeze every 5 minutes. Let’s just say I really, really needed a new computer and I got one! So, without all the annoying shutting down, I was able to use my Electric Quilt software and actually create something cool. I’ll post the final design later once I test it out a bit more. Here’s a sneak….

The next picture shows my pull for the actual block and lap quilt. Well, it’s not really a pull – I went shopping and bought it all. I sure hope it works out like I see it in my head. I keep changing the color placement and just need to stop over-thinking and start sewing. It will turn out fine if I just start sewing. And if it doesn’t then I’ll have some new throw pillows and some cool new fabric to add to my stash.

We’ve got Simply Color #10806, Dear Stella Piper green scallop, Sweet and Sassy for Quilting Treasures #23344 in Dandelion, Zack and Zoe Circle Dots pink, Aubrey for Studio e Fabrics, and Fusions Meadow #14445 for Robert Kaufman

Also this week, I received my new favorite shirt from Patchwork Threads:

My friends would definitely say that it describes me pretty well. ๐Ÿ™‚

I put the first border on the Mini-Medallion QAL which is being held over at Clover and Violet.

I’ve got almost a full month to wait for the next border. It’s just torture!

And, I’ve got the next row cut for the Wavelength quilt:


Time to stop playing with my computer and turn that sewing machine on (oh and do laundry – ugh) and then I need to get some crafting started. Hopefully we’ll see some progress this week. I can’t wait to show you the new block!

Random Project Recap

Do you ever have one of those busy-at-the-day-job types of weeks where sewing anything feels like pure bliss? That’s what happened to me this week. I have a bunch of projects in a static state and did not feel the desire to work on any of them. So, I started and finished quite a few small things.

This post is full of random sewing goodness.

First, I worked on the Sugar Block Club block for April.

This set of blocks is coming along really well.


Secondly, I put together this sweet zipper pouch as a gift for my niece.


She is a giraffe lover and in college so I think she will get good use out of it.

Third, for her mom I made this Tweety Bird paper pieced block that I think will become one side of a pillow sham. I found the pattern while randomly reading other blogs. Find it here.


Fourth, I was looking for projects for fat quarters and found this tote bag tutorial on Diary of a Quilter. I made a sample bag out of fabric that I like but have found no current use for.

I’m thinking of adding a little orange-red flower on one side to give it a little bit of pop.

Then, of course, there was some stash that I ordered during my vacation trip that arrived recently.

And a low volume bundle that I just love:

Just look at those sweet texty prints and the Eiffel Tower and a ledger. Love!
I’m hoping to get back to my projects this week and have a little less randomness in my sewing now that work has calmed down for the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas Cash funds Fabric Stash

This weekend I spent some of my Christmas Cash, which was in the form of JoAnn’s Fabric gift cards, on some fabric that I felt was necessary to fill out some fabric choices for a couple of upcoming block of the month projects.

Okay, I could have bought a cool new iron or some other necessary supplies. I sure didn’t need any more fabric especially based on my last post. Here’s where I was wrong. I have been craving some sort of text print to use for low volume backgrounds. I found a beige on ivory and a white on black. My mom talked me into the white/black one. Her budget-conscious wing-man skills need some work. :-). Anyway, I didn’t have a really cool background or a lower volume greenish fabric to use with the Joel Dewberry Notting Hill fat quarters that I received in the nice big Free Spirit mystery box. The others are fillers for fabric types/styles that I felt would be well used.
I’m going to use the Notting Hill color story for the 2014 Sugar Block Club. This picture is just a sample of what I have pulled to use. There is a bit of sparkle on the swirly ivory print that I think will look great with the Notting Hill prints. I also pulled some darker olive greens.

I’m also going to start the Lucky Stars Block of the Month paper pieced stars. They are just gorgeous. For that BOM, I am thinking about using this color grouping.

The maroonish floral fabric is an old one so I am not quite sure where I got it but that was my inspiration fabric for this project. The two shimmery ones are Fairy Frost by Michael Miller. I swear I’m done with stash building for a while. I can’t promise (I’m still looking for that perfect text print that I just have to have) but I will try.

Christmas Detox

I’ve barely touched my machine in 2 weeks. I did learn how to make some pillows and that was fun. It’s always good to have new skills in your arsenal. You never know what will come up. A cool pillow might just save the day or at least bring a smile to a friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

A new ceiling light was installed in my sewing room and you can’t even imagine the HUGE difference it is going to make. The colors on the quilt tops that I have hanging up are so much more vibrant than what the construction grade light was showing. This picture shows the room just after the light was installed. I failed to take a before picture as I didn’t realize the difference was going to be so incredible.


In addition to the light I received a few gifts to keep my obsession going. They include a couple of quilt books, some fabric bundles, and a Joann’s gift card.

I’ve only briefly scanned through the 2 books and am starting to get inspired. I have a ton of fabric to work with so I should have a very productive year.

I started cutting into the Simply Style Charm Packs for the Simply Charmed quilt. I think the color combos with the sketch floral grey will work really well together.

I’m happy to be at my sewing machine again.

Inspiration, Design, and Paper Piecing

I’m blaming my new project on a design idea in my head, a fabric-looking trip to Hobby Lobby, and my Electric Quilt software program. So, I had this idea for a baby quilt – Pittsburgh Steeler’s inspired but not using Steeler’s fabric. Something a little more subtle than that. I had this Chevron baby quilt in mind and that Hobby Lobby trip resulted on the perfect color palette.

I opened my Electric Quilt software program and started designing what I had in mind. I needed to incorporate the red and blue but only in small bits. Therefore, I added another small chevron line on a few portions of the quilt top.


Here is where I state that my cutting precision leaves a lot to be desired and I was able to print foundation paper piecing templates. At this point, let’s go back a few hours to my visit to Quiet Play via the Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday post. Katie was a guest blogger for Lee that day. She made a statement in her post that anything can be paper-pieced. So, with my lack of precision cutting and Electric Quilt rotary instructions showing some weird angle, like 43 degrees or something like that, I decided to go with Paper-piecing. So far, so good. I like how it’s turning out.