Text Me, Baby

I was beyond thrilled to sign up for the Text Me Mini Quilt Swap (#textmeminiquiltswap) on Instagram earlier this year.  Text fabrics are my current favorite!  They are so incredibly useful – low volume backgrounds, accents, focus fabrics.  They really can be used for just about anything.

My partner had given me some specifics – pinks, purples, blues, Riley Blake designs, Cotton + Steel.  Well, my purple and blue stash has been running a bit low so I grabbed some of my pinks and started playing around with those.  I thought this was a good mix of values. Then the Twisted Blossom pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful was released.  I thought I would try it out with my pinks.  I like the way this is looking – let’s keep going…..  I loved this block when I was through with it and decided that I needed to add more to it so I could use it for this swap.  It needed to be just a bit larger.So, I added a border and some corners.  I was able to get a more prominent presence of some Cotton + Steel fabrics.  The square in a square block allowed me to mimic the center of the Twisted Blossom block to give a bit more cohesion to the piece. Close but not quite complete.  A scrappy border should do the trick.  I used the off-cuts from the block and just randomly pieced them together and then cut that pieced slab into 1 1/2″ wide strips. Yep – now I really love it!  Let’s finish this thing up!   I quilted it with a wavy triangle design that echoed out to each side of the mini and bound it in the pink dots.  A polka dot binding is just so great!

I had this fabulous Dark grey text print for the back:  I raw-edge appliquéd the remaining pink corner squares to give a little bit more interest to the back and added the label.  I hope my partner loves it.

I already received mine and I just adore it.  It has the perfect colors and I love the extension of the block into the corners.  It’s just so cool!  I will find a great place on the wall for this block so I can admire it all the time.  😊

Waves of Progress

I’ve been making a little progress on the Wavelength quilt – which is designed by Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced. I am putting this together in sections/rows.  So I’m cutting the fabric and piecing by row then I’m setting them out to see if I like the placement of the colors before I sew them together.  (I am removing the paper before I sew the squares to each other.) I was able to complete this medium teal row and am moving on to a lighter teal for the next one.    I only have 3 more rows left to complete which equates to 53 paper-pieced squares to finish.  I’ve already cut and prepped the papers for the next row.

Each row brings a new dimension to this quilt and it’s fabulousness just shines through.  And I’m really enjoying how pretty my scrap basket is becoming.  I will definitely have to figure out something super cool to do with these scraps.  Suggestions??

Stash Enhancement:

It is very difficult for me to resist a Craftsy sale, especially when they have one of their big, huge ones.  This last weekend was no exception.  My favorite item that caused a decrease in my checkbook balance was a quilt kit that used some Cotton & Steel fabric.  The kit came with 15 fat quarters and 5 yds of fabric (background and binding) and the pattern shown above for under $50!!  You can get that kit here.  (It was still on sale as of the date of this post.). I may not use that pattern as is but I couldn’t pass up the deal on the fabric.  This is not the first time I have bought a kit just for the fabric.  So don’t just glance over the kit section. You may actually find something awesome!  Like this super awesome fabric!  I’m very happy with this purchase. I’m about to start the Twisted Blossom quilt-along with Jenny of Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I already have the Quick Curve Ruler and I picked up the Metro Twist pattern so I am all ready to go and these C&S prints may just be perfect for it.  Now that I think about it – the Metro Twist pattern may be just the thing for my Text Me Mini Quilt Swap quilt.  Hmmm…