More Handmade Holiday

Handmade Holiday continues around here in so many different forms.

Birds and the Bees Placemats:

As I mentioned in my last post, my step-mom fell in love with my Birds & the Bees quilt. It’s a yellow, grey, and black beauty that she gravitates toward each time they stay over.  I had some triangles left over from making that quilt and decided that she needed some placemats to brighten up her table.  I had 47 triangles remaining (I think I over-cut just a little bit) but I still had to cut one additional triangle in order to split those evenly into 4 placemats.

Once sewn into 2 rows they did not quite fit a standard placemat size so I just added side and bottom strips as needed to get it up to size (14×18).  I completed one and then took the same design to the other three.  Wavy quilting for the win!  The density really helps them lay flat on the table.  I backed them in the same fabric I used to back the quilt.  It’s a bird print from JoAnn’s. 

 She’s going to love them!  Now I am on the search for some awesome napkin rings to go with them.

Large Trail Tote:

I, once again, pulled out the pattern for the Trail Tote.  But this time I decided to make the large size.  My mom loved the two small totes I made for my step-sisters but mentioned that she would like something that her iPad would fit in.  She was not a fan of the 241 tote that I shared last week so I hope she’ll like this one.  The fabric is from JoAnn’s but it shimmers really prettily.  I used a paw print fabric as the accent pocket inside the bag.  She’ll love that little bit of whimsy for the dogs that she adores. And I just love this Tim Holtz music fabric. 

 Stash for Holiday projects:
The placemats I made earlier were not the plan when I entered my sewing space.  I was planning on making some for my brother. But I could not decide on a good base fabric.  I found one I thought would work but didn’t have enough.  So I popped over to Etsy to see if I could find some more.  At a shop called Stitches ‘n Giggles, I found the fabric and wonderful prices.

The fabric is Reel Time – Lenses in Slate by Zen Chic.  While there I also found the Sports Column Concrete print from the Varsity line by Sweetwater.  My brother is a sports analyst so it is perfect.  It will probably be used in a pouch of some sort rather than the placemats.  I would use this together with the Reel Time fabric for the placemats but the greys don’t play well together. I couldn’t pass up this Graph Paper fabric.  So simple but so fabulous!  I believe it is from the Modern Minis line by Lori Holt.  Holly’s Tree Farm – The Forest….no explanation needed.  It was a must-buy.  I’m having a ball making all these gifts.  There is so much enjoyment in creating that I’m basically giving myself a gift as well.  Still more to come….I’m on a roll….


Triangle Takeover

The sewing bug has hit me again and I have been pressing and cutting fabric like crazy.
I am working on a self-designed quilt that uses stripped triangles. So the first part of this one was to cut the strips.
The fabric is High Street from Moda. It is bright, saturated, and gorgeous! This was from a quilt kit that I received for Christmas. I didn’t like the quilt pattern that was included so I designed my own. The background fabric that was included is Kona Zen Grey and it also came with some orange for the binding.
Then I pieced 3 random strips together until I ran out of strips.
I then cut those strips into triangles.

I’m still working out the cutting measurements for the rest of the block. So, more to come….

I, once again, gave in to a Craftsy sale. I bought another Free Spirit Fat Quarter Box at a wonderful price. This one was a huge SCORE! Here come the photos:
20140329-175535.jpg So far so good. It’s such a pretty package already. I took it out and sorted it and it was even better than I expected.20140329-175651.jpg Wishing Well by Janean Morrison – it’s got to be close to the whole line.
20140329-175956.jpg A bunch of Lottie Da.

20140329-181600.jpg And some random prints.
I have no idea what I’m going to do with any of it.

Back to triangles……I also cut out an over abundance of triangles for the Triangle Quilt Along.

So, over 350 triangles later, I am ready to start piecing some of this together.