Random Round-up #8

I’ve been jumping from project to project this week and I have a few random things going on.

Revved Up baby quilt:

I’m still working on the ‘Revved Up’ baby quilt. I decided to chain-piece the Raspberry Kiss blocks by Wooden Spoon Quilts.

I’m glad I took this picture as I needed it to keep track of my color placement once I got all the x sections pieced. The whole top is looking great with that border. The top is complete and I got distracted while piecing the back. It has just a few more strips to sew on and then I can finish this one up.

Sew Together Bag:

I was able to finally finish this Sew Together Bag. This is my fifth bag. It is such a great pattern by Sew Demented. This one is for a co-worker that sells Mary Kay Cosmetics so for the interior and pocket linings I used the laminated cotton fabrics from Riley Blake designs so that she can just wipe away any make-up that might escape. I also went with those Mary Kay colors – pink and black.



She loved it and found it perfect for her makeup and is excited to take it with her on vacation in a few weeks.

Stash Enchancement:

Speaking of Sew Together Bags, I will be making another one for my bestie’s daughter who will be graduating high school this year. I was told that she likes Photography, Art, and the color green. I know there have been a bunch of camera prints around lately so I hit the internet and found a sweet bundle of the Snapshots line at Modern Square Fabrics on Etsy. This line is by Riley Blake designs and that colored camera fabric is exactly what I was looking for as the inspiration piece for this bag.

I pulled some greens from my stash and I will sparingly use the pink text fabric. That text is just so adorable that I can’t help myself.


Now comes the fun part of deciding what fabrics to use for the pockets and lining pieces. And the even better part of deciding how to piece the exterior. I do have extra pieces of the laminated cotton that I will use for the inside of one of the pockets. (You can see it peeking in at the top left of the photo above.). It will be great to have a space for her make-up in the bag. I’m proud of the young lady she has become and really want to celebrate that.

Revved up Redesign

Last post I shared a quilt top that I made using the ‘Ready, Set, Go’ fabric line. To be honest, I did not like portions of that top. But, I loved the main piece of it.

This is the piece that I had previously started this top with. I like how cool it looks but I really wanted to feature some of the adorable fabric from that line. I think they get a little lost in that section. So, I tore apart the areas that were surrounding that wonderful centerpiece. As a reminder, here is what it looked like before.

It was actually a bit satisfying hearing the tearing of the stitches as I ripped the seams apart. Now, when I say ‘ripped’ that is exactly what I did. I held each side of the seam with each of my hands and tore. It was actually really fabulous since I knew that something better would come out of it.

What I have decided to do is more like a medallion quilt using that center as the starting point. I kept the 4 outer sections but cut them down to 2.5 inches wide. I may even go a little thinner than that before I attach the next border.

That next border is going to be the Raspberry Kiss block from Wooden Spoon Quilts. Each block is 4.5 inches square and six across will fit with the borders the size they are now.


I like how it looks with those two blocks so it will be fun to see how it actually comes together and what I end up with when it’s all done.

Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Fabric Challenge
I received the fabrics from Riley Blake for the MQG Fabric Challenge and I have no idea what I am going to do with them. You are challenged to do something you have not done before using only these fabrics and any others from the same line or the coordinating basic or solid. Stay tuned for that one. It may be a surprise for all of us.


Other Stash Enhancement:
I could not resist the Maker line from Art Gallery fabrics. They are so incredibly fabulous!

Just look at this metallic scissors print! Gold and silver dots just takes it up a notch.

I purchased mine from Sew Lux Fabrics. Such great packaging they do there.


Sunshine finally hit Tennessee and Gryffin just took it all in while I was sewing. It’s such a blissful look on his face.

I hope this means Spring is on it’s way.

Snow Days, Sew Days

My area of the US does not get a lot of snowy winter weather. However, we do get our share of ice from time to time. This year we have gotten both and within short periods of time. We are also not equipped to handle the ice accumulation on the roads. There are few salt trucks and limited amounts of brine to prep the roads. So, only the main streets are taken care of. What all this means is that any ice or freezing rain cause the city to basically shut down. Sleet and ice a few weeks back resulted in the table runner I showed in my previous post. This last week we had a heavy day of freezing rain followed by snow and the next day where the melted snow froze over on the roads. I will freely admit that I choose not to drive on the icy roads so I stayed home both days. The first day consisted of conference calls and web meetings for work.
However, some happy mail arrived the day before so I was able to stare at my pretty new fabrics while following along with the WebEx. My boxful came in from Craftsy during one of their big sales.


A fat quarter bundle of Fun and Games by Riley Blake Designs. This is my favorite print in the bunch but they are all so much fun. There’s dart boards, a maze, and a bunch of great blenders.

The box also contained a jelly roll (2.5 in width-of-fabric strips) of Ready, Set, Go manufactured by Robert Kaufman.

The colors are these bright primary hues and I think it’s a super cute fabric. Some of the blender prints are great just on their own. I had this idea for a jelly roll quilt but I put it on my design door and felt that is was way too busy.

But how cute is this selvedge section showing the colors?

I just love those little trucks! After a little redesign I ended up with this:

I’ll figure out what to do with it later on.

I ended up on Friday with a snow drift on my back patio. It created the perfect backdrop for the last item in the box.

A Kona Solids ROYGBIV fat quarter bundle. I just could not resist placing that beauty on the untampered snow for it’s photo shoot. It’s my favorite picture of that day. I’m trying to break out of my old patterns and work with solids more.

That afternoon found me shoveling ice off the front walkway so I wouldn’t fall on my behind when I ventured out on Saturday. I hope that was Mother Nature’s last hurrah that allows Spring to finally show up.

Random Roundup #7

Spring Table Runner

I took a day off from work a few weeks back and did some sewing but haven’t had the chance to share what I made. I was in between big projects and didn’t know what I wanted to work on. I was trolling through my charm packs and decided that I needed a Spring table runner. I pulled a Charm pack of Giggles, by Me and My Sister Designs, out of my stash. The colors just scream ‘Spring’ at me.


I had a pattern that I had recently downloaded that I was going to use for a baby quilt. But, if I cut the number of rows down then it might make a pretty cute table runner. The pattern is called ‘Daisy Baby’ and can be found for free on the PiperGirls blog.
I chose my favorites of the teal, purple, and blue ranges. I also pulled 2 different text prints for the background. The directions are very simple to follow and I had my 2 rows done rather quickly.


I only used 10 of the charm squares for the runner so I have the rest of that set left for another project (plus an additional charm pack remaining in my stash). I like the split cross blocks placed on the diagonal. I’m a fan of Charm packs so I’m always looking for awesome ways to use them that are a bit different than your basic nine-patch.





I bound it in a bright teal and then added a small snippet of a grey daisy print to add interest to the binding. It looks fabulous on my coffee table.

Mini Medallion Quiltalong - final border

I finally got around to adding the final border for the Mini Medallion quilt from late last year.



I like how it turned out but I keep thinking that I want to keep going and add another border or two. I keep leaning toward a border of the x-plus block. I’ll need to do some quilt math to see if that would work out or not. Other suggestions are very welcome!

Beehive Quilt bee blocks
I’m involved in an online quilt bee this year and my group was one of the last groups formed so our first block was for February. It’s fun to see the different combinations of the same block designs. Our February Queen Bee chose the Tic Tac toe block with low volume for the X and bright and scrappy for the rest. Here’s the block I’m contributing to her quilt:

She has also requested a smaller signature block in a style of our own choosing. I made an Improv block after I learned how to successfully print on fabric! I totally felt like rock star when that worked out.


Printing on fabric is going to be such a useful tool and I can’t wIt to continue to use it.

To see what else I may do with that charm pack be sure to follow me on Bloglovin': Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Modern Memory Blocks

My local quilt guild had a ‘Not Going to Quiltcon Sew-In’ this weekend. I figured out what I wanted to work on, pulled some fabric, and packed up everything to go.

When I got there to set up my machine I realized I did not grab my foot pedal/power cord for my sewing machine. Ugghhh… Oh well. So I ended up prepping and cutting the fabrics I brought so I could sew them when I got home. My plan was to work on the Broken Herringbone blocks that I have been doing for a Memory Quilt. This one is a memories of quilts I’ve made by using fabrics from those quilts for the blocks. I was able to get 6 more blocks completed once I got home.

I think it’s interesting to see the development of my color choices as my quilting prowess grows. Here are some of the earlier (10-15 years ago) fabric pulls.

The colors are so muted and more neutral than I what I am drawn to now. Here are some of the more recent pulls (within the last 5 years.)

These are bright, bold, and happy. I love the direction my color choices have taken. My plan was to create these herringbone blocks in chronological order but I still need to find some of the older fabric in order to really do that.

Speaking of fabric – this week’s additions:

That top fabric is Color Theory and I just had to have it when I saw it on Instagram last week. It will be my inspiration piece when my turn as Queen Bee comes around later this year for the Beehive Quilt Bee. Then there’s Fall Magnolia, Doe Lightening, and Kona Cotton in Steel (I’m trying to embrace some solids). I also got these goodies:

Missouri Quilt Company had a Daily Deal recently which was a free mini tumbler ruler and a pattern to use it for. While there I found a Mixed Bag mini charm pack, a Cotton + Steel Playful charm pack, and. C+S Cookie Book charm pack. I’m planning to use Playful for a charity infant quilt. It will be perfect for that.
Then I received the IKEA Raskog cart in teal! I ordered the steel gray one last week, which I love, because the teal wasn’t available but I kept checking and then one day it was. So I popped that puppy into my cart and checked out immediately so I wouldn’t lose it. They are currently on sale as IKEA may be phasing these carts out. If you want one you really should jump in and order one. The color is just perfect and it works so well in my sewing room.


Jasper really likes it too!


Kick Like Mike

My first large finish of the year is dedicated to an old friend of mine that recently got diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma in his Brain and Spine. He has been in and out of the hospital for a few months now while the doctors try to do what they can to combat this cancer. In the meantime, my dear old friend Mike has been using his faith and good-hearted nature to spread blessings to others through his words and his actions.IMG_0991
He is a martial arts instructor and had to shut down his studio due to this diagnosis. A friend of his requested to see his logo for a fundraiser that he was going to put on for him and that logo is what spurred me to grab one of my Work-in-Progress quilts and finish it up for Mike and his family.DSCN0037
I had the 2013 Sugar Block Club top all done and hanging in my sewing room. It is a beauty of black background with red and white accents. It was absolutely perfect for this incredibly special project.20140215-215120.jpgDSCN0039DSCN0041
Mike and I go back a long way. Our relationship has had it’s ups and downs but has always stayed pretty solid with a mutual love and respect no matter the separate directions that our lives took. It hits me hard that this wonderful person has been diagnosed with such a horrible disease. He is too young and too strong, both physically and spiritually, to have to suffer through this. Both of the strengths I just mentioned are what is getting him through this difficult time in his life. I feel that I need to do anything I can to help him and his family. I finished this quilt so that they may find comfort in it physically or be able to benefit financially by auctioning it in a fundraiser of some sort. That decision is up to them and what they feel they need to do.

Now – you’re here to hear about the quilt so here goes:
The top was completed in early 2014 but put away as I didn’t know how I wanted to quilt it or what I was going to do with it. Once I saw that logo I knew I had to incorporate it into the backing somehow. I designed a Karate Belt paper pieced pattern by taking a photo and tracing around the edges of the belt.

I found these 2 fabrics at JoAnn’s which I thought were perfect to frame his studio logo.

The back was pieced and sashed by basically using the size of my ruler to determine the size of the blocks (14 1/2 in.). I didn’t want it completely symmetrical so I offset them vertically and randomly placed the 2 colors. I chose the white and red floral because I didn’t want the quilt to be all black and dark. I think it adds just the right amount of contrast. The backing came out so cool that it is almost reversible.DSCN0035 (2)
I sashed it with the same prints and added some random other blacks as well. I bound it with a scrappy black and white binding strip made from more of the black print and the white and red floral.DSCN0043
During this process i discovered a very cool little trick to keep my binding contained while I was sewing it on the back of the quilt. I lifted up my extension table and put the foot in the middle of the the strip roll-up.

It worked beautifully. I quilted in a wavy crosshatch pattern using this fabulous variegated red/black thread.



I love how it turned out and I hope they know the love and respect that I have for him and his family and that they can feel that in this quilt.

Mike started an organization named Kick Like Mike whose mission is this:

At Kick Like Mike, we strive to improve life for those supporting their loved ones in their battle against Cancer. We work with various restaurants to provide meals for families supporting their loved ones while they are hospitalized during their cancer treatments. We also work with various service providers to help maintain the homes of cancer patients so their families can spend their time where it is needed most, at the side of their loved one. Where there are people in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.

You can support his cause, Kick Like Mike, by clicking on the button on my sidebar or here. If you would like to know more about his personal story then please visit his personal page here and help Mike ‘Kick Cancer’s Butt!”

Power Fail

The post I was planning on writing will not be written until later this week because I accidentally put the power cord for my laptop in my messenger bag for my work laptop and took it to the office. My computer had 10% power when I turned it on and quickly gave up for the night. There is prep work that I will need to do on it that I cannot do on my IPad. So we will move on to other things I have been doing this week…..

Stash Enhancement:
I was looking online for some fabric to enhance a mini I am making and found the Super Awesome Low Volume Blogger Bundle at Pink Castle Fabrics.

Here are my favorite ones of this bunch.

The Cookie Cutter print by Cotton + Steel is so incredibly cool. I’m a bit of a baker – well I love baking – so this print just called to me. The top print in front is Teensy Weensy by Art Gallery. It’s so cute with those little x’s all over the place.
And I had to have these butterflies – Biology Fauna in White:


Rainbow Mini Quilt Swap:
I’ve had a plan in my head for this one that’s just been percolating in there. I finally had time to try and put it into action. I had fun choosing this rainbow fabric pull.


I cut each color using a Dresden ruler and sandwiched them with some low volume and texty prints. I just adore a text print. I’ve made some great progress but still have a bit of finishing to do on this top.


Random Ramblings:
I took my mother out for her birthday for a fun lunch and shopping afternoon. We were in Michael’s Arts & Crafts and they have just started carrying all kinds of cool galvanized steel items. Galvanized steel is my favorite decorative accessory material and I just could not resist a few cute containers and these awesome galvanized letters!


They are going to look great on the wall in my sewing room surrounded by all the great mini quilts that I’ve received in all those Instagram swaps.