Brick Bazaar

I had found some great matching cotton fabrics in the remnant bin at a local fabric store and knew they would make a wonderful baby quilt.  I have put together this tutorial in case you wanted to make one of your own. To make this quilt you will need:

  • 1/2 yd of four different fabrics or 2 yds of assorted fabrics for a scrappy version
  • 1 yd fabric for backing
  • 1/3 yd fabric for binding

 Cutting directions:

  • From each of the four prints cut 12 rectangles 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches (I cut 4 1/2″ by Width of Fabric then sub-cut the rectangles from the long strip)
  • From the main or focus print cut an additional 2 rectangles measuring 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches
  • There is a total of 50 large rectangles
  • From each of the four prints cut 2 rectangles 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches
  • There is a total of 8 small rectangles


There will be 6 large rectangles per row alternating with a row of 2 small rectangles with 5 large rectangles in between them (I used a random placement of the fabrics trying not to get one color or pattern bunched up in the same area as you can see in the photo below.)

  1. Row 1 is made by sewing the 6 large rectangles short ends together
  2. Row 2 starts with a small rectangle – sew the 4 1/2″ side to a large rectangle
  3. To that section sew on 4 more large rectangles then finish the row with a small rectangle
  4. Sew Row 1 and Row 2 three more times
  5. Make one more row of 6 large rectangles – there should now be 9 rows
  6. Sew each of the 9 rows together.

Brick Bazaar by Lori StollYour quilt top should be 36 x 36″.  Back, quilt, and bind as desired.  I chose this sweet silver heart on grey fabric for the binding and had this floral in my stash that I used for the backing.0124dc92f785c2a7411005f5834db54c7062b906c1019cde2769aece39d88c7528238679950c9f7c4019I quilted straight lines across on both sides of the seams and then I wavy quilted organic lines from top to bottom using a variegated pink thread.014eb7aa1f5a0c4a6ba1859002d5716fde134b7bbc 019b154f2077597985473cf75c7615504c8cff7d10 0187dd795e9a97abbd15fda457a54bd45e8cb271d7This quilt is so versatile and I think I’ll make one in boy or gender neutral prints as well.  This one goes in the pile for my guild’s charity quilts that will be donated to the infant ward of LeBonhuer Children’s Hospital here in Memphis. 0151325bd761b3db02e40ea757638713de71523092


Beehive Blocks

Earlier this year I got involved in The Beehive Quilt Bee being hosted by Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts and Angie of Gnome Angel.  If you are not currently in any of the ‘swarms’ you can still play along and use any of the blocks from the free tutorials.  The quilts that I have seen on the #beehivequilts tag on Instagram are looking absolutely fabulous!  My month as Queen is October so I have plenty of time to pick a block – two new ones are released each month.  I already have my colors picked out but I’m waiting to see which block I choose before I divulge my selection to my swarm. The Bee Hive series

My favorite part of this bee is pulling the current month’s fabric that the queen for that month has chosen.  I’m pulling from my stash as much as possible.  Only one block is being made with that selection so it makes it that much more feasible to pull from what I already have on hand.

Here are the first month’s selections – what I initially pulled (and posted online for the queen’s selection and approval) then what I ended up using in the block.

  She wanted a stash buster with low volume for the ‘x’ and bright pops of color for the side and corners.  She loved this green when I first posted it so I knew I had to keep that one in the block.IMG_1048The next two month’s queens wanted the Houndstooth block.  One wanted bright orange with ivory and the other wanted a southwestern hue of peaches, mint, and low volume ivory.  I went with the larger flowers on peach but failed to get a finished photo of the block.FullSizeRender IMG_1204The next queen wanted the Wanta Fanta block in any colors we chose as a scrap busting choice with a white background.  I went with pinks, greens, and purple backed up by Mirror Dot in White.  You just can’t go wrong with Mirror Dots.01eadfc4010dc5536293feb1a402f8220bfd11ce64 014ce9366468ff4bba7b66c6b956e8a3d81558a647June’s queen also chose the Tic Tac Toe block but with turquoise, navy, and ivory for her colors.  I love how cool this one looks.01cf783dbd7ede2222b2d377e6091b6924bd592830The July queen just made her color selections and chose bright citrusy hues.  I sent her this photo and she approved this range for her Spinwheel block.01c18142bbc90733aa6c13f3e39f3d650563b4a2d1I tend to think that I have a good sense of color and how they will play with each other.  But, this bee has had me reach a little bit out of my normal choices and still come up with some fabulous combinations.  I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year holds and what the remaining color selections will be.

Waves of Progress

I’ve been making a little progress on the Wavelength quilt – which is designed by Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced. I am putting this together in sections/rows.  So I’m cutting the fabric and piecing by row then I’m setting them out to see if I like the placement of the colors before I sew them together.  (I am removing the paper before I sew the squares to each other.) I was able to complete this medium teal row and am moving on to a lighter teal for the next one.    I only have 3 more rows left to complete which equates to 53 paper-pieced squares to finish.  I’ve already cut and prepped the papers for the next row.

Each row brings a new dimension to this quilt and it’s fabulousness just shines through.  And I’m really enjoying how pretty my scrap basket is becoming.  I will definitely have to figure out something super cool to do with these scraps.  Suggestions??

Stash Enhancement:

It is very difficult for me to resist a Craftsy sale, especially when they have one of their big, huge ones.  This last weekend was no exception.  My favorite item that caused a decrease in my checkbook balance was a quilt kit that used some Cotton & Steel fabric.  The kit came with 15 fat quarters and 5 yds of fabric (background and binding) and the pattern shown above for under $50!!  You can get that kit here.  (It was still on sale as of the date of this post.). I may not use that pattern as is but I couldn’t pass up the deal on the fabric.  This is not the first time I have bought a kit just for the fabric.  So don’t just glance over the kit section. You may actually find something awesome!  Like this super awesome fabric!  I’m very happy with this purchase. I’m about to start the Twisted Blossom quilt-along with Jenny of Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I already have the Quick Curve Ruler and I picked up the Metro Twist pattern so I am all ready to go and these C&S prints may just be perfect for it.  Now that I think about it – the Metro Twist pattern may be just the thing for my Text Me Mini Quilt Swap quilt.  Hmmm…

Hello Old Friend 

I pulled an old Work-in-Progress off my quilt rack.  It was hanging right behind my ironing board and I could see it everyday.  I’m glad it was there and I loved looking at it and kept thinking that I needed to keep working on the quilt top and finish it off.  That time came this week. It is the Wavelength quilt pattern by Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced.  I started it sometime last year and had gotten 3 rows around done.  I’m doing this in teals and aquamarines with some greens mixed in.  It’s going to be fabulous when it’s done.

I opened the box where I was keeping the fabric pull and the (already copied) paper-pieced patterns and found the most gorgeous collection of teal goodness! The box is in the order that I will piece the rows with the next row on top.  There will be about 4 patterns per row ending with the white/aquamarine pieces.  There are some great fabrics in here that I forgot I even had.  It’s just like I bought new fabric this week but without the cash leaving my wallet.  

Here’s where I was at this morning. The next row is where the mid-value teals will begin. Gryffin was helping me keep it secure on the floor.  It’s what cats do best. I was able to get some of the teals attached and I’m really happy with where this is going.  It is currently residing on the floor in my sewing room ready to be pieced together. 

In other news – I got some hexie piecing completed on my way home from my brother’s wedding.   I have a plan to use these in the Text Me Mini Quilt Swap but it’s not working out like I planned.  I think I will stew on it for a little bit and revisit in a week or two.  I may end up re-working it.

Speaking of the wedding – it was fantastic and I’m very happy to have such a sweet and wonderful lady added to our family. 


Random Roundup #9

I’ve been continuing the process of redecorating the guest bedroom.  There was a pillow on it that just kind of brought me down.  You can catch a snippet of it in this photo right in front of the polka dot pillowcase.I chose to make a cover for that pillow by using the colors in the duvet and following the same basic shape of the design.  The pillow is 18×18 so that is the size I wanted to make the cover.  I actually sketched it out.  I’m trying to plan a little better before cuttingInto my fabric.   It turned out pretty close to my design. I sewed the top together then added wonky, wavy quilting lines and then I made an envelope closure backing from some IKEA fabric that I got a couple of years back. 

 It makes such a big difference in that room and matches that duvet beautifully!

   This room is now as prepped for guests as it’s going to be.  Those guests are family that will be spending a single night before we all pack in 2 cars and head to Nashville for a long weekend of celebration at my brother’s wedding.  I will be bringing a camera, that I received for Christmas this last year, to try to get lots of family and festivity shots.

I have been contemplating a padded strap.  Hello – perfect opportunity!

In the latest issue of Make Modern Magazine was a tutorial for a camera strap cover.  What fabrics should I pick?  Something bright and cheery or something I really love?  I chose both!    I had some charm packs of Horizon by Kate Spain in my stash.  It’s one of my very favorite lines and has all my favorite colors included.  I chose a few of these gorgeous squares and made a fabulous camera strap cover. It’s perfect and comfy and bright and cheerful.  I just love it!  The tutorial was super easy to follow.  I’m looking forward to getting some great pictures of my brother and new sister-in-law and all the activities that we have planned.

Stash Enhancement:

I couldn’t pass up a Memorial Day sale happening at Quilters Square.  I gave in and got this stash builders bundle of fabulous gray prints!   They are going to work well for a plan I have in my head for later on in the year. And that text print should work great for the Text Me Mini Quilt Swap mini that I still need to start.

Refresher Course

I have been preparing my guest bedroom for guests that should be arriving next week.  It is barely used and was previously the room of a teenage boy when he came to stay from time to time.  So, I kept the room in blues and wood shades and tones.  That boy is now an adult and doesn’t come by to stay so I decided to re-do the bedding and decorations in that room and brighten it up a bit.

I started with this bright rainbowy Palm Beach duvet cover that I picked up at PB Teen.  I thought it would make a great backing for some kids quilts.  But, I really like it on this bed and I think I need to make a matching pillow cover for that denim pillow in the background.  Maybe something rainbow and scrappy….. Jasper sure did make himself comfy right away.  :-)

There was some empty wall space on the side wall near the bed and I was thinking of putting some of my rainbow mini quilts in there.  But, I just love them in my sewing room and I am in there more often than in this room so I left them there.  I did bring in an unfinished top and hung that on the wall instead.  I’m still thinking of adding more borders to it so I haven’t totally completed this piece.  But it looks wonderful on that wall. I also made another Hour Basket to add to the room on a shelving unit at the end of the bed.  If you haven’t made one yet then you definitely should.  They are so easy and customizable to whatever decor or size you want. I used a Reel Time mini charm pack that I received in my package when I ordered the Reel Time fat quarter bundle from Starlit Quilts on Etsy.  The basket looks so cool on that shelf and I need to make more.  I know that none of these items really match each other but they still mesh really well together in this room. Reel Time is my current favorite line.  That film strip print is fabulous!  And then the TVs and the colors are just perfect.  I just had to get the bundle and I found a great deal on it which makes it even better.  

I also finished a mini quilt for the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild paint chip challenge.  It’s a secret swap so I can’t show you a color photo but I can show you this one!  I love it.  I used the  Octagonal Orb pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  I echo quilted each true diagonal and around the orb horizontal sections.  It brings a lot of interest to that solid center.  I’ll be able to show you a color photo in September so I am going to really enjoy it in my sewing room until then.  It’s a sacrifice I will just have to make for my guild.  😊

Fun and Games

A while back, I had purchased this Fun & Games fat quarter bundle with the intention that is was perfect for the charity quilts that my guild (The Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild) donates to LeBonhuer Children’s hospital here in Memphis.  It’s very gender-neutral and the colors are fabulous.  The prints contain yo-yos, dart boards, cogs wheels, spinners, and mazes.  It’s a super fun collection of fabrics.

I have also recently procured The Color Issue of ModBlock magazine by Missouri Quilt Company.  One of the designs really caught my eye – Noted by Alexia Abegg (@alexiastitches). I made my quilt so that it used 4 blocks across and 4 blocks down to make it infant sized.  I picked my 16 main fabrics and thought I would pair it up with some coordinating solids instead of just one low volume fabric.  That also meant that I could pull directly from my stash to complete this design! It turned out so great!  I love this design and will probably use it again in a different quilt.  It was so quick to put together as well.  I love the contained scrappiness of it.  I’m very happy with the solids and that teal really brings it all together.   I used a scrappy binding and quilted it using echo straight line quilting which I did diagonally and between each block with a tan thread color.  I made a pieced backing using most of the remaining fabric from that bundle and I even remembered to put on a label!  I’m always forgetting about the label and normally have to find a way to add it in later.  I am also super pleased with how my binding turned out and I love seeing how my skills are improving in that area.       I love that multi-colored cogs wheel print!  This 48×48 quilt goes in the stack for LeBonheur Children’s hospital.  We’re planning on donating to the infant ward in the fall.  This will be our second time doing so and it is so fulfilling knowing that these quilts are going to very deserving children and their families.

Stash Enhancement:

Thank you for this fabulous bundle of loveliness!  Michael Miller Basics in Bloom was such a great deal and they have another drop happening right now in case you are interested.  There are three other colorways to choose from (Neutral, Crayon, and Ocean).  It took a lot of thought and some eeny-meeny-miney-moe to decide on this colorway.  I loved them all!

Those will be fabulous blenders for a multitude of projects if I ever take them out of that pretty bundle. :-)  I really should remove them and see what else I can pair some of these colors up with.  I’m looking forward to using these in some future projects.