Quilts for Pulse

It feels great to get back behind my sewing machine.  A couple of fun-filled weekends with family and friends and I was ready to get sewing again!  

First project – completion of the quilt I am making for the Quilts for Pulse charity drive that is being headed up by the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild.  They chose the heart block by Cluck, Cluck, Sew for the quilt blocks that they wanted.  There is still time to make blocks or whole quilts.  Heart blocks are due to the Orlando guild by August 15th.  Completed quilts are due September 15th.

I decided to use multiple sizes of the heart block for my quilt and I’m so glad I did.  I love the way it looks.At the center of this tragedy was an attack against the United States so that had to be represented in this quilt with that center heart block.  As we move beyond that we see the hearts get bigger as the love grows within us all.  The outpouring of support that the Orlando guild is getting is amazing.  They only expected about 200 quilts and now they should have well over 500 to distribute.  This is such a wonderful community and I’m proud to be a part of it.

I wavy quilted vertically to imitate party streamers and celebration.  On the flip side it could also represent the tears that were shed as healing begins.I cut up a duvet cover that I got on clearance from PBTeen and used that for the back.  I love how the flower petals are hearts and felt it went really well with the theme.I even remembered to label it!  (Well, I remembered after basting but before quilting so that counts, right?)I used the rainbow dots on grey print, that I used throughout the quilt, to bind it.

You want more pictures?  Okay…….it’s so pretty I just can’t resist.

This one will be mailed off after my guild meeting next week.  I’m excited to show it off.

Now, let’s see if I can finish one more UFO before that meeting……

Stash Enhancement – July 2016

Family visits leave little time for sewing as I am the only quilter in the family.  However, I did talk them into a trip to a local quilt shop to pick up some supplies.  

My step-mom is very crafty but does not sew and she saw a fabric covered ornament at my house.  Now she wants to make them.  I gave her some fabric to practice with but she did not have a good ruler to cut that fabric into the square size she needed.  So, to the LQS for a Creative Grids ruler.  While there, I picked up this sweet selection of fabrics.This LQS doesn’t turn stock over very much so they have some older lines still on the shelves.  They are a bit more traditional than modern but do carry a small bit of modern fabrics – like the Mickey print above and I saw Star Wars there as well.  Last time I was there I stocked up on black Architextures crosshatch – which they still had yesterday.  But these did me well for now.  These are good shades of yellow and orange and I needed the low volume background fabric for a work-in-progress.

I also received a purchase that I made on Etsy for a quilt ladder!This ladder came from Knot Just Wood and was a fabulous price.  I was running out of space on my quilt rack so I knew that I needed something else that was more tall than wide and this was just perfect!It fits wonderfully between the window and the wall in my dining room.  I’m super happy with this one!

Next week is full of activities as well so I am not sure when sewing will resume.  But, here’s an updated photo of one of the rainbowy projects I’m working on.

I added the rows from the 6 1/2 inch offcuts from the heart quilt.  It’s coming together so well.  I’ve got the 8 1/2 inch ones ready to add on.  You should see that progress in my next post.

Happy sewing!

Random Roundup #16


I made some progress on my #quiltsforpulse quilt.There is one more round to do and that is the 10 inch blocks.  But they are constructed and ready to go.  I need to figure out placement and any sashing needs then I can sew them on.

Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild Charity Sew-in:

My guild is also making quilts for this cause and I was assigned three of the 10 1/2 inch blocks to bring to our quarterly sew-in.

We ended up with two quilt tops for #quiltsforpulse along with 2 other charity quilt tops.  One for a local dog rescue foundation and the other for a local children’s hospital.  I was able to lend a hand on all four projects.  It was a very productive day.
In between working on those projects, I was working on a scrappy something using all the offcuts of the heart blocks I had made.  I pieced many, many half-square triangles of varying sizes and sorted them by size.  From there, I just started sewing them together ‘Improv with a purpose’ style.  The smallest HSTs ended up like this. I think it will be a border or sashing on the back of this quilt.  It could also end up as another charity quilt for LeBohuer Children’s Hospital.  We’re donating in September so I have time to work all that out.

Stash Enhancement:

A few weeks back, Joann’s had a sale on their Quilters Showcase line of 70% off and you could use an additional coupon off of the entire purchase.  I figure they will make excellent backing choices.  Some of these were also ‘End of Bolt’ so I got an additional discount there.  Bargain shopping is my favorite! This next one had a smaller discount but it was so dang adorable that I had to have it as a backing for the ‘Preppy the Whale‘ quilt that I have planned.And yesterday, I found the perfect backing to the #quiltsforpulse quilt at a local Pottery Barn Outlet store. It’s going to be fabulous! I’m glad I have the ability to help others in this way.  Charity sewing gives so much to so many people and is one thing I adore about this quilting community!  

End the violence – spread love……

Ironing Station – IKEA hack

I am so excited about finishing my new ironing station.  I had previously posted about an ironing station that was in progress using an IKEA tv stand.  It is the BESTA TV bench with doors.I needed just a little more height so I added some galvanized plumbing fixtures to get the look that I wanted between the TV bench and the plywood.  It adds a little industrial feel to it and if there is a galvanized anything in the store then I will probably have it in my hands.  Galvanized is my favorite color.I covered the plywood with 4 layers of batting before covering it with the best ironing board fabric ever…..Unfortunately, this print is from Hancock’s Fabrics and I bought it quite a while back so I don’t believe it’s available anymore.  But, it’s perfect for this project.  Just so perfect!I moved this baby into my sewing space and filled it up with fabric storage.  My new favorite storage boxes are from The Container Store.  These small clear boxes fit fat quarters and charm squares perfectly.They look awesome in their new space.  I also used Tall Shoe Boxes for larger cuts of fabric and the regular shoes boxes for ongoing projects.I haven’t ironed anything on it yet but am excited to do so soon.  I love all this organization but hope I remember where everything is.  The clear boxes should help out with that problem.

Jasper has completed his quality assurance inspection and it appears to have passed with flying colors.

Quilts for Pulse 

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is collecting blocks and quilts to give to the victims, families, and first responders from the shooting tragedy that happened at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.  All the information can be found here.

They have chosen a heart block that uses the tutorial by Cluck, Cluck, Sew using a rainbow color palette and a low volume background.  The Orlando guild is asking for completed quilts or heart blocks in the 10 1/2 inch size.  My guild will be making a quilt using the 10 1/2 inch blocks so I need to make some for that but I wanted to make a quilt of my own to donate.

First – pile up the rainbow:There is all kinds of goodness in that pile.  There’s some Sketch, some Stitched Squares, some Comma, some Mixed Bag, and some Cotton & Steel.  It’s a great combination of fabrics and designers, which is really what this quilt should represent.  We’re not all the same but we can live together in this crazy world and make it beautiful at the same time.

Second – get a plan together:

I took some of the different sizes of hearts and am making this quilt medallion style.  The middle heart represents America and all the freedoms that it stands for. Then I moved out using the small size hearts in a rainbow order.I moved from the 4 1/2 inch hearts to the 6 1/2 inch hearts and added some rainbow goodness in the corners.

Third – Keep Going…..

Next up is the 8 1/2 inch hearts, which I have yet to start but I love where this is going.  The Orlando guild is asking for lap size quilts so I will continue until I have something that is about that size.

If you would like to help then please visit their website for all the information.

I’m thrilled to be able to help in this manner and hope that the good hearts that abound in the quilting community will bring a little bit of comfort to the families involved.  #LoveWins

Fabulous Foxes Finish

I finished up the Fabulous Foxes baby quilt that I have been working on.These fabrics are so cute that I just smile looking at it. I love the single diagonal quilting. More than that would have been too much. I also straight line quilted on the sashing strips to help decrease the possiblility of stretch while I did the diagonals.The pieced strip really adds a bit of interest to this solid colored backing and the cuddle fabric makes it so darn soft.  It’s so snuggly!

I need to make some that are more gender nuetral for my guild’s charity project and I have the perfect charm packs to get that done. School Days By Riley Blake Designs should make a super cute quilt.Under the Big Top by Bernatex is going to be super adorable.  The colors are just so happy!Count with Me by Studio e just has it all with the numbers and sea creatures.  Those whales just kill me they are so cute!

I’m not sure which one want to start with first.  They are all so precious!  Now to pick out a pattern……

Random Roundup #15

I made some progress on the Foxes Baby quilt from last week’s post.   I pieced some of the foxes fabric with the cuddle dots for the back and basted it.  It’s all ready for quilting.That progress was made at a sewing day with a few new sewers.  One is making a full-size quilt using squares so I showed her how to prepare a nine-patch, the staple of the quilters world.  I introduced her to the 1/4 inch piecing foot to make her piecing more precise and she was headed online to find one for her machine.  The other was putting together a dress.  I’m not a garment sewer so I showed her how to read the pattern and decipher the language.  The pieces were already cut out and we made great progress on it.  She got all her darts sewn in the bodice and also a few pleats on the skirt part.  Now she’s trying to get the sizing right before we get the zipper installed.  The pieces were slightly too small on the bodice so she cut and darted a second bodice section.  It was a bit too big once sewn to the skirt so she took it home to seam rip and study and I’m sure she’ll have a great plan by the time she comes back over.

Sugar Block Club 2016:

It’s the halfway point for the Sugar Block Club and I got caught up on all my blocks.It’s going to be such a pretty quilt.  I love the color palette that I chose.  The purples and teals just pop against those low volumes.

Stash Enhancement:

Chrissy at Sew Lux had a large Memorial Day sale and I gave in big time.  The prices were super low and I couldn’t resist.The top three are from a line called Meadowbloom.  The colors are more vibrant than shown here and are so gorgeous!  I love the blue one on the top.This grouping contains a few from the For You line by Zen Chic (the teal and grey ones).  Zen Chic is one of my favorite designers and these do not disappoint.  The yellow one on top is Color Theory Mesh.  I love the randomness of the color placement.  It’s such a great blender.

This next grouping I see being great additions to a circus themed baby quilt that I have in my head.  So bright and cheerful! The mutli-colored pieces are from Best Day Ever and the ‘plus’ one is called Math Nerd.  I love that!  I could use it in multiple different types of quilt patterns.  I’m looking forward to getting all these designs out of my head and through my sewing machine.

Happy sewing!