Square it Up

Table Runner – Take 2:

I was able to complete the Square It Up table runner over the weekend.  I had this Michael Miller print in my stash that has been there for a while as I couldn’t find the right project for it.  I believe it’s destiny was to be the backing to this runner. 

Balique by Michael Miller Designs

 It has such a Spring-like feel and I love it!

After a bit of wonky line horizontal quilting, I made a scrappy binding with some coordinating prints that bring the whole thing together.   And this one actually fits perfectly on my table. I really think I need to hoard a bit of that Modern Background Ink print.  It is just fabulous!     

 Stash Enhancement:

I have been meaning to stop at one of my local quilt shops to see if they had anything left from a very big sale they had a few weeks back.  Well, they had some great fabrics left and they were $4 or $5 a yard! And they had some fabric bundles at a great price as well.  Here’s a bit of what I got.

A 4 yard scrap bundle – such great prints that will work perfectly for some charity infant quilts.  How cute are those transports on the lined paper?

Good Natured blenders and these sweet little birds….  More whites with grey to finish out my Transition Quilt. A few of these were end-of-bolt so I got a bit of a bonus.  Now I just need a plan to expand the Transition quilt top out sideways a little bit and I should be able to get it finished.

However, tonight it’s all about the Super Bowl so I may actually do a bit of cross-stitch while watching the game.  🏈


Random Roundup #12

It’s my first Random Roundup post of the year and I’m excited!

Table Runner -take 2:

My table runner that turned into a quilt top is still in the works.  It’s a bit long and skinny so I need to figure out what to add to the sides.  That means that I still needed a new table runner.  I went perusing through my charm pack box and came across this sweet one that would be perfect for a spring themed runner.  It’s Paradiso by Kate Spain and the colors are just so springlike and pretty.  I had to match it with this fabulous grey print from the Modern Background Ink line by Zen Chic.  The colors just pop against it.  Here’s what I came up with – horizontal squares centered with vertical squares on the sides.  I really like the way it flows.  The intentional imperfection makes me happy.   I need to decide how to bind it.  I’m thinking of doing a scrappy binding with these 4 prints.  The top three were recently acquired by one of my guild mates during a sale at Fabric.com.  She was kind enough to share.  😊 I hope to have this finished before this weekend.

Disney Mini Quilt Swap:

I started working on the Mini quilt that I am making for the Disney Mini Quilt Swap.  My partner mentioned The Aristocats as being one of her favorite Disney films.  I took off from there and decided that The Kittens pattern by Elizabeth Hartman would be perfect to use for the kittens from that film.  This is a sneak peek of Marie. 


I appliquèd the bow on her ears and it is the perfect touch to really bring out Miss Marie.

Stash Enhancement:

Today I received this fabulous package from Quilters Square that should give me enough white with grey to complete the original table runner/quilt.  And I couldn’t pass up this creepy yet cool skull fabric to put on something for my bestie.   The skulls are a bit bigger than I anticipated but they will make a great bag lining or quilt back.  I’ll have to see what she may want me to make for her using this awesomeness.

I also received some wide backing fabric so I can hopefully finish my Wavelength quilt.  I think I will make that my February goal.  What are your quilty goals for the month?

Snow Day Sewing

My area of the country was threatened with 5 to 7 inches of snow for Friday so most of the area, after they cleaned out the grocery stores on Thursday, stayed home.  I did not hit the grocery store but I was one of those preparing my mind for shoveling the walkway and taking awesome quilt photos in the snow.   Like this lovely Checker block from the Beehive Quilt block series.  This is for the January Queen who wanted all solids that were reminiscent of sea glass. Well, I only got about one inch of snow and it only covered the grass in the yard and nothing stuck to the walkways or the roads.  So, I really could have gotten to and from work instead of bringing my lap top home.  So, after I did a little bit of work stuff I was able to start my Snow Day sewing.  

I had started a table runner last week and it was a bit large for that purpose so it is now going to be a quilt. My initial fabric pull consisted of this combination of navy and pistachio green.  Since I decided to change this into a quilt I made another fabric pull that consisted of aqua and purple inspired by that Kate Spain fabric on the top left.   I’m planning on doing each section inspired by two color stories and using the same Checker block that I showed earlier in this post. The first two sections look fab together!  I’m looking forward to getting this one finished.  I’ve got three more sections currently in the works and all the fabrics are entirely from my stash!  I may have to replace the white with grey low volumes since I believe I will be using all I currently have.

Speaking of Stash:

The last of my Christmas fabric shopping arrived recently from The Intrepid Thread.  I love this black and white selection.  These pretties have already made it into some projects:  I’ve got some wide backing coming soon from Massdrop so I hope to have another quilt finished sooner rather than later.  I hope all that are snowbound are getting some awesome Snow Day sewing done!


Sugar Cross Quilt

 I finished the January 2016 block for the Sugar Block Club 3.0 by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock and needed a place to store it while the rest of the blocks are released throughout the year. I love this fabric combination and needed to use one of my storage boxes to keep it all together and to make sure I don’t use it while I continue to work on the rest of the blocks. While doing that, I came across one of the boxes that had the Sugar Club 2014 blocks in it.  A little switcher-roo occurred and I decided to pop those into a quilt top.  This will make quite a dip into my stash.  There was a lot of left-over fabric from what I had chosen and I really didn’t want to put most of it back into my stash.

I laid out the blocks and decided on a layout. I’m not a big fan of 3×4 with sashing all around and I like to offset things a little to give a bit of interest to the quilt.  I ended up with some blocks square and some blocks on point, some blocks bordered and some not. To marry everything together I used the same fabrics for border and accent pieces. I adore the cross on the top section and it really drove the design of this top.  I took all the pinwheel blocks and surrounded the center block within the cross to give this top some movement.  I used the remaining fabric to piece together the back which left very little added back to my stash.  Yay!    It was bound with a sparkly and swirly gold dot on ivory print.  I added a little of the Joel Dewberry Woodgrain to pop it and bring it all together.  The quilting was a thick wavy line going around the cross and a thinner line inside the cross going lengthwise and width wise.  Thicker wavy lines went vertically and horizontally on the edges and over the on-point blocks.  There is so much texture going on and I love it!       I’ve got one more top quilt sandwich ready to be made and some backing fabric on it’s way for another.  Let’s see if I can get at least 1 quilt done and out of my stash per month.  That sounds like a pretty doable plan, right?

Speaking of stash – I’m still getting in items I ordered before the new year began.  These beauties came from the Intrepid Thread pre-Christmas sale. 

Studio Stash by Jennifer Sampou – I love this crossed grid print.  So reminiscent of my love of cross-stitch.  Knit by Timeless Treasures – I know lots of people who knit or crochet so this would be perfect for pouches or stash bags. I also received this green and pink Robert Kaufman bundle courtesy of the Year-end sale at Craftsy  I love the headphone/earmuffs print.  They would make great additions to a tween quilt top or pillow.

Second week in and I have a few finishes under my belt.  What a great start to the year!  I have lots of ideas brewing so let’s see if I can keep it up.  😊

My Quilty Resolutions 2016

The new year is here and I have been in an organizing frenzy.  I’ve been creating, in my head, all the things I want to accomplish this year.  I thought I would throw the quilty ones out here and see if I can follow-through with them.  So, it is now time for My Quilty Resolutions!

Quilty Resolutions

  1. I will finish those UFOs that are cluttering up my sewing area in the form of quilt tops or blocks not yet put into quilt tops.01b65ba82469a3ae30cebe21edbded59215b92ea37 01f1f6c3a840aa6edbd6c76d32ef18d58978e18575019ef6c53b728fd5adc7801234ce8e61b3e6cc5756
  2. I will limit my stash buying to items I think are awesome, items needed to finish current in-progress quilt tops, backing fabric if I cannot or do not want to piece a back with the scraps.  I will also be joining Jenn from A Quarter Inch from the Edge in her The Year of the Stash 2016.


  3.  I will continue to organize my sewing area to keep it tidy.  I will need to destash all fabric that is no longer my style or that I cannot see that I will ever use in any project.   I may try to sell it or I may just donate some of it.  I think the older stuff, especially the fat quarters from Joann’s that are way too thin for anything I would sew now, will be donated.
  4. I will self-design patterns and make them available to the quiltiverse via Craftsy or free on my blog.  This will be a big challenge for me as I develop the skills needed to accomplish it.
  5. I will continue to challenge my skills where the actual quilting is concerned.  I am venturing out of straight lines and hope to get moving toward more free-motion quilting.  I don’t like to practice anything so that could be my downfall here.  I just want to jump in and get it done.  However, I know that practice is key to training your muscle memory where FMQ is involved so I will try to practice and become more confident in my skills in this area.01374bb3fd0039a40b49c0408f5ff535a57a59a6d7

Let me know your Quilty Resolutions by linking up your post, you can also grab the My Quilty Resolutions button from my sidebar for your blog. I look forward to seeing what we can all accomplish in 2016!

Christmas Stashing

I got caught up in the big Pre-Christmas sale at the Intrepid Thread.  Each day during Christmas week, Julie put select yardage on sale at $4.99 a yard.  The unfortunate thing was that it was different yardage each day.  Unfortunate because you either didn’t realize that and only found the sale on one day or you knew it and checked back each day and now have three or four packages headed to your house.  I fell into the latter category.  I have already received the first package.

It contained selections from the Drawn line by Angela Walters.  These will make such great backgrounds for a myriad of projects this year. These random pieces are from Curiosities – Firefly Jar, Ashton Road – Keys, and Dream a Little Dream – Owls.  These will work well for some baby quilts for one my guild’s charity projects. Then a couple more – Cookie Book – Recipe Box and Cleta – Translate Bike.  I just really like them.  

Rainbow Mini Quilt Swap:

I also worked a little bit on the mini that I am making for the Rainbow Mini Quilt Swap Round 2 on Instagram.  I made this fabric pull and cut out some curved pieces.   I’ll be using low volume and text print for the background. Here’s a small sample of what’s to come.  I decided not to go rainbow order and just randomize it. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year and gets to work toward whatever success you dream of.

Stashing Goodies

All my Christmas sewing is done and has arrived at its destination ready for Christmas but I still had more Christmas prep work to do.  But, before I get to that, I wanted to share the pillow that I put in my guild’s Dirty Santa swap.  The pattern is free on Craftsy and is designed by Kristy of Quiet Play.  I made it with all Cotton + Steel fabrics and then quilted cross-hatch wavy lines in a navy blue.  I finished it way before our swap so I’ve been able to enjoy it for a while.  I received some wonderful folded fabric ornaments which are looking fabulous on my tree.  My last minute prep comes in the way of Christmas Cookie baking.  It’s one of my favorite things to do during the holidays.  First and always, I make my grandmother’s cutout cookies.  They are my dad’s favorite and he deserves to get them at Christmas.  My newest favorite recipe is for Toffee Oat Chocolate Chip cookies.  I discovered it a few years back and make it a few times a year but definitely at Christmas.  Then I tried a new recipe for White Christmas Crinkle cookies.  That one did not turn out as well as I had hoped but it’s possible I did something wrong.  I have yet to taste them.  They will probably be just fine.  Then I can decide if they will make it into next year’s rotation. 

Stash Enhancement – Xmas edition:

I stopped at a local quilt shop and picked up some supplies – some low volume, some staples, and a little pizazz. Modern Background by Zen Chic, Spot On by Robert Kaufman, and First Crush by Sweetwater.  All low volume and texty loveliness!  Architextures Crosshatch in black – just can’t have too much of that one.  That red print is also from the First Crush line.  These two bold prints are from Juggling Summer by Zen Chic.  I don’t have a plan for these but they struck me.  The teal shimmery flowers are from a line called Pearl Essence.  The other one does not have the selvedge but it called to me as well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and festive Holiday!  May your stockings be filled with all you dream of….