Text Me, Baby

I was beyond thrilled to sign up for the Text Me Mini Quilt Swap (#textmeminiquiltswap) on Instagram earlier this year.  Text fabrics are my current favorite!  They are so incredibly useful – low volume backgrounds, accents, focus fabrics.  They really can be used for just about anything.

My partner had given me some specifics – pinks, purples, blues, Riley Blake designs, Cotton + Steel.  Well, my purple and blue stash has been running a bit low so I grabbed some of my pinks and started playing around with those.  I thought this was a good mix of values. Then the Twisted Blossom pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful was released.  I thought I would try it out with my pinks.  I like the way this is looking – let’s keep going…..  I loved this block when I was through with it and decided that I needed to add more to it so I could use it for this swap.  It needed to be just a bit larger.So, I added a border and some corners.  I was able to get a more prominent presence of some Cotton + Steel fabrics.  The square in a square block allowed me to mimic the center of the Twisted Blossom block to give a bit more cohesion to the piece. Close but not quite complete.  A scrappy border should do the trick.  I used the off-cuts from the block and just randomly pieced them together and then cut that pieced slab into 1 1/2″ wide strips. Yep – now I really love it!  Let’s finish this thing up!   I quilted it with a wavy triangle design that echoed out to each side of the mini and bound it in the pink dots.  A polka dot binding is just so great!

I had this fabulous Dark grey text print for the back:  I raw-edge appliquéd the remaining pink corner squares to give a little bit more interest to the back and added the label.  I hope my partner loves it.

I already received mine and I just adore it.  It has the perfect colors and I love the extension of the block into the corners.  It’s just so cool!  I will find a great place on the wall for this block so I can admire it all the time.  😊


10 thoughts on “Text Me, Baby

  1. Both — the one you made and the one you received — are really good. But I like the design of the one you made better. The center block is really stunning with the curved piecing. Good job!

  2. Sarah Goer says:

    These are both beautiful! I love your tiny square in a squares in your border and the appliqued squares on the back. Fun! You have some great text fabrics!

  3. Im a big fan of text fabric, have a nice little collection and Im still looking for the right project to use them on. Your Twised Blossom is great, one lucky recipient 🙂 Your received one is stunning, the colours are great and will look perfect hanging 🙂

  4. Jayne says:

    I love a good text print too! That block is gorgeous! I do love the pink and you made it standout!

  5. Jan says:

    What a fun swap idea. I love text fabrics too, they have great texture and are perfect for backgrounds. I’m part of a couple of different IG swaps and may have used some text myself. I really like what you did with the raw edge applique of the tiny squares on the back. It creates a great feeling of movement and is so playful!

  6. Sophie says:

    Your block is very nice. And I am a fan of text prints too. I would love to have such great text fabrics …

  7. Debra says:

    Very nice! Your color choices and the text prints are just great together. I am sure your partner will love it! And the one you received looks like a winner too!!

  8. Both minis turned out beautifully!

  9. […] I finished the Text Me Mini Quilt Swap quilt, I moved on to the next one on my list.  The Christmas Mini Swap isn’t due until […]

  10. Johanna says:

    I love the text mini you made! What a wonderful use of text fabrics and love the pink, including how it reappears on the back!

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