Fun with Fungai

At a guild meeting a few months back we were given some fabrics to use in order to make some charity quilts for a local children’s hospital. We were able to select 6 fat quarters out of the entire selection that was available.  The fabrics I chose were all from a Japanese line called Mushroom World.  If interested, there are a few prints on deep discount at Hancock of Paducah’s fabric shop and other prints in the line are available on I wanted to feature the fabric and make them the focus of the quilt and I needed to decide on a pattern that would do that.

I made wonky sized log cabin blocks with random sized squares surrounded by varying sized strips.  I picked blender fabrics that would pull all of the colors out and make them shine.  Those colors made this such a happy looking quilt.  A meandering squares continuous line quilting pattern was perfect!  Backed with a Riley Blake Chevron print then bound with a mixture of the red gingham and a solid red made this quilt complete and after a washing it will be ready to donate later this year.      I’m incredibly happy about how straight the chevron turned out on the back.  I tried to line it up correctly while basting and it worked.  And those quilted squares look awesome on it!  I’m excited to show this off at our guild meeting next week.

In other news, I am planning on updating my sewing space a bit and the first part was to get this unit from IKEA.  It’s from the BESTA collection.  Please excuse the ‘just finished assembling’ photo.  I have yet to place the shelves as I plan on adding an ironing surface to the top which makes it more organized and functional.  And that is way better than the ‘regular ironing board and the pile of junk currently stored underneath it’ system that I currently have going on.


4 thoughts on “Fun with Fungai

  1. Hannah says:

    Your mushroom quilt is so good – I really love how you featured the prints in the log cabin blocks. Also, your new sewing area sounds efficient and enviable. 🙂 Hope you get that all sorted soon!

  2. Paige says:

    Excellent job on the mushroom quilt! All the fabrics are lovely together. And great addition to your sewing room. I hope to go to Ikea in Atlanta when I go to Sewtopia (my first time).

  3. This is the first fungi-themed quilt I have seen, and I love it!
    What would we all do without Ikea for sewing space furniture?

  4. Preeti says:

    Found you from NTT Thursday. That is a sweetheart of a quilt. That the chevron turned out so beautifully aligned is a miracle indeed!!! Never happens to me 😦
    I may steal your log cabin block idea to showcase some fabrics that have been patiently waiting for the right pattern.

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